History of the rivalry between Nintendo and Sega: A Photo Essay

Nintendo and Sega are well-known for their rivalry with each other. This rivalry started in the late ’80s, when Nintendo brought the video gaming market back from the Great Video Game Crash of 1983 with the NES. But, with success comes jealousy. Sega didn’t like that Nintendo was more money then them, so they did what any company does; They created something better that would blow the NES out of the water.

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unjust751702d ago

Wow, this guy needs to get his facts straight. Furthermore if you never played the master system you cannot possibly right such an article.

Tres211702d ago

whatever that crap 3 button controller they had 2 copyy nintendo & add xyz later what

for real tho i always wanted that t.v. tuner 4 game gear & now im watch hulu on my phone thats

Klonoa-dreamtraveler1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

copy? if you mean make a better console and handheld then yea. sega always was a step ahead. thats why they had to make the snes to compete im guessing to that kind of logic i guess nintendo copied sega with going 16bit too.

Tres211701d ago

i was kiddin its n4g wouldnt be right without arguing over consoles even when u love both

i member playing sonic 4 the 1st time & gettin the debug code from then i got a lil taste of super with mario & chrono trigger dont think much else needs 2 be said about them

Kyosuke_Sanada1701d ago


Those were the days when companies took friendly jabs which were hilarious results for both sides of gaming (also in the days of Playstation.) Now-a-days if Sony made a commercial saying "You got 99 Problems and it's Xbox One", the internet would tear itself a new &?!hole from the flames.

I miss the days when we had different choices in systems yet still invited friends over to have a ball in what the other was lacking. Don't let me get started on arcades......

Tres211701d ago

waiting there with your quarter on the cabinet waiting for your turn....

unjust751701d ago

NES was a solid console, but Sega master system had way better graphics and games. Anyone can argue this till there red in the face, but Sega led the arcade and most Nintendo games were in shabby stand alone cabinets. Sega presented the arcade titles that people specifically went to the arcade to play in turn bringing them to the home consoles.