Electronic Arts Builds a Gaming Tank to Promote Battlefield 4 in Australia

At times Electronic Arts gets quite creative with its marketing,and they built a "gaming tank" to tour Australia and promote Battlefield 4.

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pwnsause_returns1457d ago

careful, the tank might lag and crash. it might need a few patches to fix it.

LackTrue4K1456d ago

its over a month now.....
and i have yet to finish the story!!!!

(still keeps resetting)

adorie1456d ago

spending money to advertise a mess. EA, you're a freakin joke.

Kyosuke_Sanada1457d ago

Put that money into &*%#$ing quality testing, my God EA! Amidst the complaints you are going to pull this crap!?

moodymofo1457d ago

EA needs to get their priorities straight

Elwenil1456d ago

Someone needs to learn the difference between a "tank" and an APC. It's an OT-64 SKOT APC variant with a couple PCs in a LAN setup in the back. LAN is probably the only way to make the multiplayer reliable...

Soldierone1456d ago

Right when they aim to shoot toys out, it will lag then shoot across the city and randomly flip over or explode.

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