LoadingReadyRun - "I have four PS4s"

From the man who brought you "Three PS3s", comes his latest entry, "Four PS4s".

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Snookies121679d ago


Lol! Hey, can't blame a guy for trying...

Zones1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Haha, well those PS4s were actually borrowed for making this video.

P.S. Pay attention to the ending (after the credits)! ;)

ziggurcat1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

@ zones:

"well those PS4s were actually borrowed..."

so... you *don't* have 4 PS4s...

edit: also, i have one, so you do not have infinitely more PS4s than i do.

Zones1679d ago


FYI, this is certainly not me in that video. So no, I don't have 4 PS4s.

Besides, this video is comedy, so no need to take it seriously buddy. :)

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Majin-vegeta1679d ago

I'll trade you my Holo Charizard,Blastoise,Vensuar and my yoyo?:P

Zones1679d ago

Mortal Human, What Language Do You Speak?

BattleTorn1679d ago

English. A human dialect, where caplization of each word is not necessary. (unlike whatever planet your typing from)

Zones1679d ago

Says the person who can't properly distinguish "your" and "you're". ;)

neoMAXMLC1678d ago

Do they speak English in What?!

Mikelarry1679d ago

lol this is just as funny as the 3 ps3, great video now watch the haters come in and disagree.

LordMaim1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Mike, you know I love Playstation. As a brand, as a gaming system, as a content creator, I love me some Playstation.

I also like comedy. Of which this has none.

But you're right. It is *just* as funny as the three PS3s video.

BattleTorn1679d ago

This guy acts as though there has only been 4 PS4 sold worldwide

M1ST4K31679d ago

No, he plays with statistics... Imagine that 3 million of PS4s were sold in a world that has ~7*10^9 people.

Prob (Person Having PS4) = 3*10^6 / 7*10^9 = 4*10^-4 = 0.0004
Prob (Him being right) = 1 - 0.0004 = 0.9996 which is ~1

So yeah... he can act like that with a pretty good amount of success :)

BattleTorn1679d ago

Okay. He acts as though 7billions people are trying to buy PS4s

Back-to-Back1678d ago

Thats what makes it funny. You should watch his ps3 video to.

SonyNGP1679d ago

I've been waiting forever for this video to show up.

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