IGN: Metal Gear Solid 4 Progress Report

You might remember that, back in February, IGN's Jeff Haynes was one of a handful of journalists to infiltrate Konami's Japanese HQ, bringing back a first-hand account of what will surely be one of the most important games on the PlayStation 3 when it is released next month. Now IGN has followed up with another black ops mission into the heart of Paris where, along with around 70 other journalists from across Europe, IGN got to play on an even more polished – and even more complete – version of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, discovering more information about the game with which to whet your appetite.

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"The story is, on one level, simple enough. As Kojima puts it: "The story is quite simple: you have Liquid and Snake goes after him all across the world." But over the course of the game you'll find that it ties up every last loose end, and brings the entire series together to a brilliantly satisfying conclusion.

And that's why Konami is insisting on a tight-lipped approach in advance of the game's launch. After playing the game from start to finish, it's easy to see why. Guns of the Patriots is simply a game that you have to experience for yourself. It's a journey that's more important than its destination, even if that destination happens to be the definitive, ultimate, Metal Gear game. So if you really want to know what it feels like to play Metal Gear Solid 4, make sure to order a copy. And make sure, too, to give yourself a week free from any distractions, so you can sit down and play all of the other Metal Gear games in sequence, because that is the perfect preparation for playing what is, without any doubt, Hideo Kojima's finest hour."

I think Metal Gear Solid 4 is going to be the best and most epic game ever released. At least so far this generation. I have never read previews like this for a game. EVERY preview says the game is absolutely amazing and like no other.

Long live Solid Snake!!!

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It's so close... I bet I get hit by a drunk driver and killed 1 day before release and never get to play it. :(

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hospital bed. We all know pirates never die unless mortally wounded by a ninja.

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Just stay in your house like SpongeBob did with Chip, Penny and used napkin until after its release.

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pretains to the actual story of this game. This is hands down my most wanted game ever. After playing MGS:PO I can't wait to sit down and experience something that goes beyond epic and into iconic.

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