The Elder Scrolls Online Reveals Singular Emperor Armor

"The Elder Scrolls Online reveals the Emperor armor only the top player can equip."

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Excalibur1708d ago

Looks pretty cool but I'm still not going to pay $60.00 for a game, a yearly sub to XBL/PSN and then a monthly fee to play a game.

Bigpappy1708d ago

I would love to play it. But those monthly feels are a very strong repellant.

FRAKISTAN1708d ago

i think the game might be $40 and any MMO that requires monthly payment does not require PS+, but it requires xbox live gold on xbone

I only hope that if they indeed make it monthly payments that at least make the game available as a free download, so i can spend the $60/$40 on the subscription

MWong1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

I wouldn't mind that to be honest almost like a DCUO type game. Charge $40-$60 for free content and online gameplay. Would prefer F2P.

SITH1708d ago

Especially not paying a subscription for this game with destiny, and the division coming out next year.

Smoey1708d ago

MMO's do not need a PSN sub, xbox you probably do though.

rdgneoz31708d ago

MS isn't known for not needing Live for F2P or even the basics, so most likely it will be needed in addition to the monthly sub. As for PS+, FF XIV doesn't require it and neither do any F2P games, so it'll probably go the same route.

GentlemenRUs1708d ago

Took the words right out of my mouth!

Volkama1708d ago

Don't forget the cash shop! This one has all of those AND microtransactions. Sweet!

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noctis_lumia1708d ago

i prefer a game to be sub that crappy f2p cash to win
not to mention all the selfish pricks that invade the game and ruin the community

Abromb1708d ago

I got into MMO's a little bit last year... I have since then stopped as I can't stand playing on windowed mode with the settings on minimum... With that said, I was quite pleased with guild Wars 2's free to play model.

rdgneoz31708d ago

If you're playing windowed with min settings, you need a new computer... As for Guild Wars 2, it is a great game, but it's not F2P. It's pay once and no subscription.

p.s. Enjoy the Wintersday events.