Infinity Ward’s Lackluster Attempt at Answering Questions for Call of Duty Ghosts

Last week, Infinity Ward decided to host a question and answer thread in forums. After hundreds of replies full of unanswered questions about various problems with the game itself, they finally replied with a vague video about customization tips for the create a soldier function of the game.

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r3f1cul1554d ago

everytime i see or hear tina... i just cant help but hate her because i feel like she is just not interested or informed about the game at all.... i dunno maybe thats just me but there is just something about her that pisses me off... lol

sobekflakmonkey1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

I really don't know why this video was made...I don't think it helped anyone..."ANSWER QUESTIONS FROM THE COMMUNITY!!!" "GETTING STARTED VIDEO!! :D" don't make any sense to me.

lobocob1554d ago

she's a female so we have to hate her for really no reason and assume she's unqualified. disagree if you agree

MeatAbstract1554d ago

Arrhh it sounds really forced! I'd take a guess and say a small percentage of players actually ask this stuff whereas most of the questions they probably get refer to bugs, patches and fixes. It's almost like IW are just clapping their hands over their ears going LA-LA-LA-LA ASK US ABOUT CLASSES LA-LA-LA

0pie1554d ago

Its purely p.r ... Nothing more Nothing less. Just look at the video, they learned what the acti/iw pr told them to ask and answer.

I once worked in a p.r departement of a huge electronic company. One day when we looked at the email we had, we had a high numbers of email complaining about faulty software, what i've been told by the senior p.r guy was to not answer those email since its a really low number of person who had these issues and if i dont answer the company acknowledge in a subtle way that there is no issue and we will never heard about them in a couple of months.

Thats probably what IW are doing as we speak.

quaneylfc1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

theyre doing what every company has to do. how is it lucklustre just because its infinity ward. i love cod and ghosts was shit but that article is just biased again for no reason.

KrystofKage1554d ago

What? Stop being a fan boy and get your head out of your ass. The questions were asked by fans of CoD, and IW snubbed the community by ignoring the most popular questions.

The only thing that's biased is your comment.

lobocob1554d ago

you're clearly being unbiased so we can only assume you're being biased. this comment is just biased again for no reason.

quaneylfc1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

You don't like a game so no one can be rational about that situation? you're biased, you bacon reptile.

I'm not buying any more cod games. companies aren't allowed to answer questions like that you tool. please name a situation where the company says, "yes our game is buggy to shit, were fixing it this way..." questions like that being read would jeopardise the companies name overnight and people will sell stock and vote them "the worst company in the world" and other such shit.

Call of duty: ghosts is extremely dated, so is assassins creed black flack and battlefield 4. Don't call me biased because you were shit at a past cod game's multiplayer a few games ago.

DarthSocio1554d ago

Aaaaaand you'll all just go buy the next installment next year anyway. Activision and infinity ward know this, so what's the point really?

JeffGUNZ1553d ago

They NEED to have the next installment running on a TRUE next gen engine. That's its only hope at this point. It won't survive the same rehased engine with games like the Division, MGS, Quantum Break, Titan Fall, and whatever Naughty Dogs releases.

ATi_Elite1554d ago

At this point Infinity Ward doesn't have to say anything to Gamers except......

"Do you see our Ferrari's out back"

"Do you see the MANSION I'm living in"

"Thanks to you Gamers I fly a private Jet to work"

Gamers have made Infinity Ward Millionaires over a copy n pasted product so it's too late to wanna ask them questions about why it SUCKS or has faults.

should of done that 5 games ago!

cyphertech1554d ago

Rofl IW is probably getting paid like shit. Activision on the other hand

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