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The dawn of a new console generation must be agony for developers on a deadline. Do they stick with the older, more familiar systems that have huge install bases, or take a run at the newer, gruntier hardware and risk producing a less polished product? It’s a hell of a choice to make, and the fact that Sony first-party developer Polyphony opted to keep Gran Turismo on the PlayStation 3 for one more game shows just how tricky that next-gen leap obviously is.

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GrizzliS19871702d ago

there are two types of gamers that play racers. ones with wheels and ones without.

Only then will you now the perfection that is GT6

r211702d ago

I play feels empty cause every time i turn a corner, I always steer my controller when instead there should be a wheel :C

kingPoS1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Once I started out with my DFGT wheel, it was hard to go back to a dualshock 3.

Midnight Club LA (used every available button lol)
Burnout Paradise

Gateway MT6706 2008

doublebass21702d ago

then again there are types of gamers that play racers and claim they drive well, but have nt actually driven a 300+whp car in real life..go figure..

p.s. dont kid yourselves, nothing beats a real life racing car,no matter how big and many screens you watch the game,or wheel.So dont get cocky that you play with a steering wheel and own your mothers fiat..

Knushwood Butt1701d ago

Then again, there are people that drive a 300+ bhp car and still enjoy Gran Turismo.

Sure, driving the real thing is great, but not everyone can do it or justify doing it all of the time.

Plus, there are benefits of gaming, like relatively low cost, plus you don't have to put up with random encounters with other **at real-life drivers in GT.

GrizzliS19871701d ago

or you can compare by real life terms, in my case, a Lexus IS f and see how it drives in game compared to real life, then make reasonable assumption that if your car performs similarly, so do the ones running 300+

now stfu

doublebass21701d ago

@Knushwood Butt: i did(sold my ps3 and thrustmaster wheel for the sake of having a ps4) enjoy gt 5 a bit, the 6 with a friends ps3 for a while with controller(yeah its a burden)Most people dont have a 300whp car though and handling the same car with relatively close hp with a car in gt, truly lacks!!

@grizzli NO WAY IN HELL your LEXus(supposedly you have, lets assume you do)handles similarly to the gt irritation...Unless you drive both at 60km/h wre driving skills and cars handling does not let you find the proper weight, tyre grip balance to take a sharp turn with skill!!

I was working at a car parts shop, and have driven almost every TOYOTA (not lexus)there is,both OEM and heavy tuned and had really no comparison to any equivelent car in any racer..So dont give me the crap about drivning similarly(unless you mean similarly that both fictional-real cars have the same way you turn the wheel,brake and change gears).No sim or sim cade(like gt-forza)can accurately depict the differences between different tyres and suspension(for example, a Tein handles much differently than an XYZ suspennsion, or a toyo r1r tyre behaves differently than a toyo t1r.No game has these variebles accurately)They can be a great instrument for practise in learning tracks and keeping driving skills busy when not behind a wheel of a real car, but its not the exact same thing.And there are better sims in Pcs just not your cup of tea I guess!!

IRetrouk1702d ago

I agree grizz, playing gt with a good wheel is so much better than playing with a controller, you get so much more control and feedback from the car through the wheel.

riverstars861702d ago

Agreed, wish this was on PS4 so bad!! Also, wish Forza 5 had a quality wheel, I freaking love that game!!

IRetrouk1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Yeah im kinda staved at the min, all i got is nfs at the min, my ps3 lazer broke so no gt6 for me fo now :-( .
Want to play forza, have not missed one yet, waiting untill march to get a one though, it was too close to christmas to get both, but the first game im going for is forza 5.

Pintheshadows1702d ago

That RX7 is an absolute beast in the game.

sprinterboy1702d ago

Gt should only be played with a wheel imo, controller just seems wrong and nothing like how poly intended it to be played

A LIVING LEGEND1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

I just want to get my Toyota GT One and destroy everything,the way that thing drives is awesome. The surfaces on Nurburgring can be weird though....hehe at 218 mph.

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