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SteamOS vs. Windows 8.1 NVIDIA Performance

Michael Larabel: For those NVIDIA gaming customers running Microsoft Windows 8.1 that have been thinking about giving Valve's SteamOS Linux-based gaming platform a try, here are some early benchmarks of the SteamOS 1.0 beta that compare the performance to Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro x64 on multiple NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards. (Linux, PC, Valve)

The_Infected  +   206d ago
Doesn't look like the significant gains Valve claimed they achieved.
ssj2gohan83  +   206d ago
You have to keep in mind the the OS is in beta, and still has room for optimization and bug fixing. Especially the when it comes to GPU drivers.
The_Infected  +   206d ago
We'll was it not in beta when Valve was saying they achieved significant gains?
ssj2gohan83  +   206d ago

They were referring to previous builds while it was in alpha.
Kayant  +   206d ago
They dont control nvidia or amd in terms of their drivers and even though nvidia has good support for linux am unsure of how thier drivers perform in relation to windows in gaming. One problem with these benchmarks is that they are not real world tests in terms of game performance.

Also iirc the claims Value made were in relation to thier games they ported to linux not so much general performance but like ssj2 said this will improve in time with drivers.
Fishy Fingers  +   206d ago
I expect you'll see further continued OS refinement, even post beta. Much like any other OS improves over time.

Consider this is a true beta. Not a dressed up earlier release demo called beta.
Kurylo3d  +   206d ago
i dont think the beta excuse works out here... Valves main argument was it was built on linux and linux is significantly faster and free.
Mystogan  +   206d ago
This was not what PC gamers were hoping for. But what did anyone expect? Microsoft is a beast when it comes to software. It was never going to be easy.
TheGreatXavi   206d ago | Personal attack | show
sovkhan  +   206d ago
You do realise that microsoft does not write nvidia drivers right???
The only drivers written by microsoft for third party devices - intel gpu for example - are so lazy performance-wise that nobody uses them, but maybe you did not know??
Prime157  +   205d ago
Yeah, when nvidea and amd starts writing the drivers for steam os, then this argument is valid.

Edit: drivers are written for the os by the hardware people for their hardware. Nvm, I'm never eloquent with words.
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annus  +   206d ago
That's because... it's not Valve software in the benchmarks. I'd like to see benchmarks on proper games like Left 4 Dead 2.

I'm also curious to see how well the drivers on SteamOS handle compare to the Windows counterpart at the moment.
mechlord  +   206d ago
Riiiight...because all people will ever play is VALVE games right?

If anything, i will take a test made with a different item than a test made with the item its advertised to work best with any day.
Are_The_MaDNess  +   206d ago
well for one. we dont know how badly optimized these benchmarks are for linux. a game would have better overview IMO.

try a benchmark of any of the source games since they have full support for linux without any settings removed over something like metro.....
Razputin  +   206d ago
LOL The Valve Fanboys are doing free damage control.

The fact that a lot of graphical features are left out (a lot of DirectX features and others), and basically performance is the same.

I'll just stick to Windows 7 & 8.1 till Microsoft gets smart and makes a Windows Gamer Edition without all the backend garbage.
Prime157  +   205d ago
Wait, "The fact that a lot of graphical features are left out (a lot of DirectX features and others), and basically performance is the same."

Direct x features? After "calling out" valve fanboys? Are you dumb? Do you seriously NOT understand what direct x is? It's OWNED by Microsoft. Direct x(box/360/one). So, the fact that those features were left out was for a reason... licensing, fees, ect...
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Razputin  +   204d ago
Licensing fees. Are you fucking retarded. And you call me dumb.

Please do a Google search of why Linux can't NATIVELY support DirectX.

Jeez. The fanboys.
pc optimization smh.
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Agent_hitman  +   206d ago
The Steam OS is in beta, why are they making a comparison?.
Dehnus  +   206d ago
Because people in another thread asked for it. And demanded for it even. They said they where not interested in SteamOS vs SteamOS comparisons. And now that they do it for you you don't want it anymore?
Fishy Fingers  +   206d ago
Perhaps so people could evaluate whether it's worth installing the beta now? Obvious no?
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TheGreatXavi  +   206d ago
Because most of PC gamers are Microsoft fanboys who hate on Linux that hope Linux gaming cant take on windows forever. Its funny seeing they afraid of Linux take on PC gaming now
Back-to-Back  +   206d ago
Linux is awesome but for your average users its not as easy.
kevnb  +   206d ago
Too many synthetics, not enough real world tests.
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Mister_Dawg  +   206d ago
PC gamers don't just use steam to play games. I have origin too plus I still buy the odd physical copy (getting harder to find I must admit).

Besides, if I wanted a pc to be a game machine only, I wouldn't bother with a pc, I'd just get a console. Instead I make use of all the other features that windows has to offer. I know dual booting is an option, but this isn't what most people will consider when wanting to play games. I for one don't see steam OS becoming a significant player.

Also how will direct X work on linux? Does it? I don't know if its possible and if it is, they'll have to pay MS royalties no doubt.
JasonKCK  +   206d ago
Some PC gamers use their PC just for games and use a laptop/phone/tablet for everything else. It cuts down on running processes and programs in the background. I know many PC gamers who only use the net to download updates and mods and nothing else. As for console, there are many programs running in the background cutting down on system resources that could have been used for games. Most PC gamers tend to keep their PC clean for maximum performance. I have a Toshiba laptop and an iPad for everything, and use my PC just for gaming.
Bebedora  +   206d ago
@Mister_Dawg: This is how you will want to consider where gfx goes between the two:

Native games: Linux/OpenGL vs MS/DirectX.
Wine SteamOS games: Wine/DirectX calls via OpenGL vs MS/DirectX

OpenGL works mostly as good as DirectX on lower resolutions, but if you want to up the resolution, the nVidia OpenGL drivers for Linux will probably make a hit in performance.

For a guy like me, I wouldn't be bothered with it. It's the hardcore gamers, the overclockers that do. Counting pixels rendered per frame etc. :)

I guess Valve could push nVidia development though.

Here is one Win8.1 vs Ubuntu:
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Mister_Dawg  +   206d ago
Cheers dude. Very informative.
Prime157  +   205d ago
That's where pc has been stagnating... "oh, Windows does it all... Just not the best for my needs, so I won't try something new."
Mister_Dawg  +   205d ago
I don't remember saying I wouldn't try something new.
But going by the benchmarks, steam os has nothing over windows performance wise. So whats the point?
Oh_Yeah  +   206d ago
There's not going to be much of a difference between the two. Windows isnt the resource hog it once was, with most gamers running 8+ gigs of ram in their pc's the footprint windows leaves doesn't even dent the performance. Steam os still has it's upsides though.
JasonKCK  +   206d ago
I was honestly expecting more based on Valves claims. MS could match that with an update easy. To be fair it's early, so Valve could work some magic by the time this releases.
TheGreatXavi  +   206d ago
lol al these Microsoft fanboys are funny
taiyed80  +   206d ago
gaming OS in its infancy still. the gains will come as developers adopt linux.
azshorty2003  +   206d ago
Agreed. They just pitted an OS that is in/coming out of Beta Vs an OS that has been around and seen numerous revisions for the past 20 years. And the numbers were pretty close. Im actually impressed.
ATi_Elite  +   206d ago
1. I hate synthetic test!

2. NOT upset at all with test results as a MATURE Directx 11 was equal to something in Beta with very little driver support

3. Where are the TESTING of GAMES! No one plays synthetic benchmarks. I virtually pay NO attention to synthetic benchmarks.

Test Crysis 3, BF4, Metro Last Light, Rome 2, Arma III you know games that really rough up GPU's and beat the crap outta CPU's.

Once these Games are tested then We will have a better sense of REAL WORLD performance.
ninjahunter  +   205d ago
At this point, the best you could hope for is a nvidia linux optimized driver. At this point "optimization" might push 10% in the next 6 months, if your optimistic about it. Honestly, you can probably optimize windows 7 run more efficiently than what can be expected of Steam OS in the relatively near future.

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