6 reasons sports games are better on Xbox One

OXM UK - "We love a good sports game on OXM, so we're looking forward to the bumper crop of top-notch titles coming to Xbox One. See, they're a little better trained on XO than other consoles."

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Kingthrash3601795d ago

Lol they lost me with the nbalive pic. Lol

BALLBAGS1795d ago

they lost me at 'official Xbox magazine'

mikeslemonade1795d ago

On PS4 you actually have "Xs" and "Os". Point number 4, you can record longer with 15 minutes on PS4.

Until they make a Fight Night Round 4 with the Kinect making as natural as possible, the PS4 is better.

WeAreLegion1795d ago

One reason they're better on PS3/PS4: The Show.

ironmonkey1795d ago

nothing is better on xbutone.

godofboobees1795d ago

Stopped reading after they mentioned kinect sports. Sure Oxm, whatever you say.

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