10 great-looking indie games I want on Xbox One

Smell that? That sharp, intoxicating aroma? Assuming you haven't forgotten to do the washing up, that's probably the smell of possibility. Microsoft's [email protected] program represents a serious and very overdue step up for self-publishing on Xbox - long consigned to the sporadically fecund depths of the Xbox Live Indie Games channel.

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Infamous2981675d ago

Too bad Microsoft policies scares them off, i feel sorry for Xbox one fans.

dedicatedtogamers1674d ago

Yep. I hope Microsoft can get their act together. Sony is actively pursuing and partnering with indies. At this point Microsoft is being...less evil?

The title sounds like port begging. If you want indies, get a Playstation system or get a PC. But people should be aware that Xbox One isn't exactly going to be indie-central this upcoming generation.

dirigiblebill1674d ago

"The title sounds like port begging."

Because it is. No shame in wanting great games on another platform.

MasterCornholio1674d ago

The parity clause is a bunch of BS.