The Enemies Of Destiny

With the Covenant and the Flood in Halo, Bungie knows a thing or two about creating iconic enemies. Art director Christopher Barrett told us all about the four new alien foes that players will be gunning down in Destiny in terms of background, looks, architecture, and more.

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WorldGamer1824d ago

Great article and news. I wonder if they have a few more enemies that have yet to be revealed.

Seems like they are making a great IP.

whybag1824d ago

"We definitely wanted big, heavy space marine kind of look so that’s why you have the heavy armor, almost an animalistic feel to their armor designs. When they take off their helmet they’re big lumbering space rhinos."

The Judoon expand their horizons.

Muadiib1824d ago

Why is this in the pc section, it's not coming out for the pc (yet)?