Will Call of Duty Ghost’s Be Number 1 for Christmas

Its the Game everyone seemingly loves to deny playing, but Call of Duty Ghosts looks as if it will be Number 1 for Christmas.

Christmas is seen as the Golden Period for Software houses and the past has rarely been peppered with surprises.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1437d ago

I don't like Ghost that much but Battlefield 4 has to many problems and seems they will never be fixed.

venom061437d ago (Edited 1437d ago )

actually Battlefield has no more problem than CoD.. Cod just got a patch as well.. its just that more little sites that post on N4G are focusing on BF4 at the moment.. CoD has tons of issues.... there's a reason it got the Metacritic score it received..

Ghost_of_Tsushima1437d ago

Yes BF4 has more problems than Ghost. I've got kicked countless time by errors.

SaffronCurse1437d ago

I have both and I can say Ghosts doesn't [email protected] up as much as Bf4.

venom061437d ago

PLEASE.....nobody loves to deny playing it, but people love to acknowlege that it's pretty much the same crap every year, it has issues, its using the same 7yr old engine, the spawns are broken, every gun is a no recoil laser rifle... another pointless article on N4G

GentlemenRUs1437d ago

Be surprised that I never brought it this year, Same will go for the next one and the next one and... You get the picture...

Now I wonder what % of the players are kids under-aged...