You Don’t Want A GTA Movie…And Here’s Why

CCC Says: "There are some movies I just don’t want to see. The Total Recall remake was panned. The new Robocop isn’t looking any better and I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before we see a god-awful remake of Back to the Future (probably featuring a hybrid). Now, seeing that Back to the Future is the greatest film of all time (yeah, I said it), this is absolutely one franchise where tinkering with the successful formula would ruin it. In fact, the day the Hollywood sign burns down is the day they announce a new film featuring Mr. McFly, and is the day I’ll probably need an alibi. So, why all the ranting about “don’t beat a dead horse” and “never mess with a good thing?”

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Vegetarianshark1704d ago

What makes GTA so successful is the fact that it gives gamers so much freedom and control over a virtual world. If you make GTA a movie, you're gonna lose all that freedom and control that makes GTA so fun and enjoyable and be left with a generic ass crime-centered flick that you've already seen a lot in tv and cinema.