Telltale is excited for your YouTube playthroughs of The Walking Dead Season 2

GameZone writes, "Despite YouTube's crackdown on video game "Let's Plays," Telltale Games is excited to see your playthroughs of The Walking Dead Season Two.

Speaking to GameZone, Season Two director Denis Lenart revealed some of his favorite moments about game design are watching people react to the game he's created."

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Whitefire1702d ago

I have never bought a game after watching a playthrough on Youtube. And if I do watch a playthrough I won't need to know the ending or need to know the choices anymore. It's spoiled and there is no need for me to buy the game considering it is largely story based. Kinda like watching a movie for free. I get to see the whole thing on Youtube without paying from beginning to end.

I try to avoid that but I see why devs are mad about this. Of course there are devs like Telltale who don't care, which is cool.

Bimkoblerutso1702d ago

No, it would be more like watching a movie without the sound on.

You are removing an essential element of the experience, and I'm relatively sure that the vast majority of viewers are aware of that fact.

"Let's Play" videos are a product of community, not of piracy.

Didn't you ever have a good time watching one of your buddies play through a game, only to go home and play it yourself? Were you trying to cheat devs out of their money back then too?

BXbomber1702d ago

Totally agree with u whitefire, I seen let's play videos and after watching them why would I wanna buy the game when I just saw the whole playthough? If YouTube changes how it does it content is thing I would says stop the let's play cuz I see also why devs don't like that sort of gameplay on YouTube.

CrossingEden1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

After I played the game I went back and watched so many LPs just to see their reactions to some of the game's most shocking scenes. Can't wait to do that all over again.


whooo! Nice going telltale. Cant wait for crys playthrough

StoutBEER1702d ago Show
PersonaCat1702d ago

If it wasn't for a let's play of season one, I never would have bought the game. Its crazy how before this YouTube crackdown, no one seemed to complain about people making let's plays. Its no different than going over a friends house and watching them play.

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