Why Watch Dogs and South Park Were Delayed

Ubisoft isn’t afraid to delay a game if it thinks it can be better. Following delays for several of Ubisoft’s major titles in both 2012 and 2013, North American president Laurent Detoc explained to IGN the thought process behind pushing games, and how it fits into the company's long-term strategy.

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JohnnyTower1826d ago

South Park : brack friday had to air for the tie-in. And it was brilliant.

curtis921826d ago

I missed out on the brack friday bunduru

JohnnyTower1826d ago

They said it would be out soon. But then again they might just be waving floppy dicks around.

adventureghost1241826d ago

I think I know why the real reason watch dogs was delayed, I think it was a petty attempt to try to boost the sales of Assassin's creed 4, as far as South Park, it probably had something to do with THQ going under and probably something big they missed and/or needs ironing out

Ratty1826d ago

To be honest, releasing Watch Dogs around the same time as ACIV was a little odd. Plus I'm pretty sure they have more or less the same fanbase. I know I was torn between the two myself.

adventureghost1241826d ago

and that's exactly why they changed, they thought people wouldn't buy Assassins Creed over Watch_Dogs so their scapegoat was to move it back still its a pretty cruddyy thing especially since it was supposed to be a launch game

DanDan71826d ago

Truth is watchdogs was delayed due to Micro$oft's "parity policy"


I thought the exact same thing about assassins creed 4 sales until I actually spoke to a ubisoft employee and he told me that watch dogs was delayed due to the fact that getting a game as huge as watch dogs to run on current gen is proving extremely tough. I'm sure the 360 version is the one he's referring to considering it required an 8gb install to run gta V which was developed for that system. I'm pretty sure fitting a 30-50gb game onto a 9gb DVD is pretty tough.

pyramidshead1826d ago

Man they're gonna be so happy the minute they get to castrate last gen to focus on current gen. Trying to fit that big game into those tiny dated boxes must be such a headache.

showtimefolks1826d ago

delays suck but if end products get better than i am all for it, my thing is why announce a release date year in advance? just wait till the development is coming to close and give a date 3-4 months in advance

RS guys are the best, they don't show much of their games till its very close to release and that builds a lot of hype. UBI has shown so much watch dogs that in a way we know everything we can do in the game since the developers have show so much

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The story is too old to be commented.