Up Up Down Down: Rage

GameZone: "Last week on Up Up Down Down, we took a look at Wet, a Bethesda-published Tarantino-esque action game that didn't exactly get the recognition it deserved. This time around, we're going to jump into the ravaged world of another game from the famed publisher — a stellar game that also failed to receive the praise it so rightfully deserved. Rage from id Software was touted as the next great FPS from the iconic Doom developer. Sadly, it didn't exactly meet everyone's grandiose expectations, and the reception was rather lukewarm.

Whether the blame is on id for hyping the game as much as it did, or on the fans themselves for having such huge hopes for something revolutionary is up for debate. Either way, Rage is an absolutely stellar straight-up shooting game with tight mechanics and nonstop action. It's not without a few foibles, though, so let's see what worked and what didn't."

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ifritAlkhemyst1553d ago

It was a good game with some awful design choices. The baked in textures were terrible and extra "missions" were nothing more than doing a level in reverse.

The gunplay was stellar though. I just don't see the need for Rage to become a new franchise for iD.

BABY-JEDI1553d ago

I think Rage has a ton of potential. Hopefully, they can deepen the experience & pull the world & story themes together.

NukaCola1553d ago

The game looked and played great but it was extremely linear and lacked the role playing aspects needed for an open world game. Would love if Bethesda used this engine for Fallout 4 though. That would be amazing.

coolbeans1553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

It's one of those rare "sum of its parts" kind of titles that does such a good job across so many facets (artistic/techincal design, all sound components, great gunplay, a graphics engine that felt as if it enhanced gameplay, I could go on and on), but didn't really capture the feeling of being whole from both the lazy story and no gameplay idea that completely felt like its own 'widget' that truly defined RAGE as RAGE (if that makes any sense).

I do disagree about the notion that it didn't get the attention it deserved. With an average hovering around the low 80's, that's not necessarily a 'under-deserved' reception; that should be reserved for low 7's or something imo.