More Gamers Prefer Playing Battlefield 4 on Sony’s Consoles

Angie Santiago from SpawnFirst reports: "At EA’s BF4Stats page for Battlefield 4, we get some very interesting metrics on the number of people playing Battlefield 4 on each specific system at any given time. Now granted, the stats do change and are dynamic (so the screenshot below only captures a snapshot of the number of players online at the time), but even with the constant flux, I’ve noticed certain trends showing up on the page."

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aquamala1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

why is the headline not "More Gamers Prefer Battlefield 4 on PC"?

the player count clearly shows that

PC 75,561
PS3 54,038
XBOX360 39,612
XBOXONE 22,211
PS4 36,716

iamnsuperman1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Because of how the article is titled. It says Sony's consoles (note plural) right there in the title

Edit: I don't know I didn't write the article. I just merely pointed out the obvious. Up to the author to decide that

aquamala1344d ago

and what is the point of combining player counts of these 2 incompatible consoles?

Hatsune-Miku1344d ago

More gamers prefer playing battlefield 4 on the best gaming platform sony ps4

NewZealander1344d ago

title is stupid because how can you say what you "prefer" unless you have played all versions, and are PC players not gamers now? whole article seems rather amateur.

SolidStoner1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

But it is kinda true... there is more people on Sony's camp when you combine them obviously..

but leading numbers for BF like always is for PC.. and its no surprise, BF started on PC, I played all of them.. and then started again on PS3 with Bad Company 1.. (oh, wasnt there a really bad version of console BF version on PS2 also.. I played something like that...)

mikeslemonade1344d ago

Really.. y'all comparing a month old game on PS4 to PC?? It's actually consoles vs PC. And consoles beat your PC.

CarlosX3601344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

@aquamala It's not that difficult to understand...

PS3 54,038
PS4 36,716
Total: 90,754


XBOX360 39,612
XBOXONE 22,211
Total: 61,823

Like the title says "More Gamers Prefer Playing Battlefield 4 on Sony’s Consoles"

@NewZealander He's not saying PC gamers aren't gamers, read the context that's being said: "More Gamers Prefer Playing Battlefield 4 on Sony’s CONSOLES"

PC's aren't CONSOLES.

@mikeslemonade This isn't about comparing two games or two machines. This is just saying there are more players on Sony CONSOLES that prefer BF4 ON [that brand].

starchild1344d ago

What's the point of this article then? The PS3 and PS4 are two separate consoles.

Oh I get it. It's just more crappy fanboy nonsense trying to pit Playstation and Xbox gamers against each other.

GrandTheftZamboni1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

He's got an old computer that can't run the calculator program. 90,754 > 75,561.

mikeslemonade1344d ago


Thanks for clarifying. For some reason I saw the word "PS4".

PC gamers always saying "But look at me" lol

Charybdis1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

More Sony console owners are playing battlefield it seems (at least at the time of that screenshot). Would be interesting to see a graph of the number of players since the launch of battlefield and maybe an average.

Wonder if this is mainly due to a higher number of total sales on sony consoles or the lack of updates and problems with battlefield on Microsoft consoles.

UltimateMaster1343d ago

How's this. There's more people playing on PS3 and PS4 combined than there is on PC or Xbox combined.


There's more people playing on Microsoft owned devices (PC/X1/X360) than there is of Sony's (PS3/PS4)

Either way, pick your personal preference.
Does anyone really care?

ProjectSeoul1343d ago

But the title of this article is stupid. How can he say that gamers prefer to play Battlefield 4 on the PS consoles than anything else? Just because he has seen numbers?

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Corpser1344d ago

lol so true that's what the player count shows, but let's make this about Sony vs MS


It just comes down to preference. My buddy has BF4 on PS4 and I have BF4 on XB1 and it is the same game regardless. His 900p does look slightly easier on the eyes, especially when looking down range but the textures are equal down to veins in a leaf lol. What I did think was strange being a Hardware Guy, is the Textures load at the same speed on each console, which was a surprise since PS4 uses a faster Bandwidth RAM (GDDR5) which any PC or game Tech savy person knows that Textures, character models, objects, etc. are RAM Extensive task and the faster the RAM the faster the Textures and world loads... except this instance. Not sure what MS has going on under the hood with that eSRAM, but I tell you the bandwidth is MUCH faster than the 68gb/s DDR3 speeds they released thats for sure!

Ju1344d ago

Textures load with a fraction of that bandwidth. That's why you can't see a difference. The bottleneck is not the RAM, but the "drive" you load them from. This will not even come close to a couple of MB/sec (SDDs could load up to 500MB/s - HDDs ~50MB/s) - RAM is exponentially faster than that (GDDR or DDR3). Either one outperforms this for obvious reasons.

dantesparda1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )


hey dinkles, those things are being streamed in from the HDD and they are both 5400RPM drives, so there goes your theory. But the higher res and higher average framerates on the PS4 are directly attributed to the faster RAM. The res alone is 56% higher on the PS4 than on the X1 and its been said by devs that the PS4's RAM is ~40-50% faster/higher. The RAM system on the X1 is a bottleneck anyway you cut it, until they find ways around it

Update: Ju beat me to it, but good, you're backing up what im saying

badboy7761344d ago

Sad When you consider Microsoft Advertises Games like this & COD as Xbox Exclusives with Timed DLC on TV commercials.

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Bigpappy1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

Well it is know that Xbox owners who play online FPS play COD. So it makes sense for BF sales on the console to be hampered by that fact alone.

Since COD is the #1 FPS on either console, that is where a sales comparison should focus if a point needs to be made.

SilentNegotiator1344d ago

"it is know that Xbox owners who play online FPS play COD. So it makes sense for BF sales on the console to be hampered by that fact alone"

Flawless logic. If there's a more popular game, then comparison of the next most popular game is invalid.


Bigpappy1344d ago

@SilentNegotiator: The larger the sample the more accurate the measure will be.

You should not have skipped the statistic class.

And I should have taken typing so I could see some of these error. But you seem to have gotten the point, so.

SilentNegotiator1344d ago (Edited 1344d ago )

You're assuming that this is purely a PS vs Xbox article, when it's just comparing how popular BF4 is in each community. Not everything is a console war.

Bigpappy1344d ago

I am sure you are not that naïve. With that title and if you ignore my comments and look at the others, you will find all kinds of wars going on. Why exactly do you think the title was chosen and why do you think it was submitted to N4G? ... mission accomplished.

andibandit1343d ago

Hasnt the weight distribution thruout the entire last gen been
Cod. Most on xbox,
Bf. most on ps

I dont see how any of this is news

USA0071343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

Honestly the most players I've seen online on Ghosts was 21k, so less than what that shot of BF4 shows. Usually I see it average about 16-18k this is XB1 by the way.

I was also responsible for 18 of ghosts sales on XB1, so that could have skewed it. (Not really)

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stavrami-mk21344d ago

or it could say battlefield players prefer to play on sony products ??

CarlosX3601344d ago

That's what this article is saying.

stavrami-mk21344d ago

carlosx360 if your gonna reply to me look at who and what question I'm answering .

ForgottenProphecy1344d ago

Just read the title. "Sony's consoles". 54+36 > 75. People that play on PS3 more than likely would be playing on PS4 if they had the funds and could find one in stock.

nutcase131344d ago

Im sorry but your comment does not make sense. Playercount means shit. I assume that the reason more people play on PC is because they dont have a ps4. I smell a PC fanboy in our midst...

Visiblemarc1344d ago

It's just an article showing that Sony consoles are the most popular platforms for this particular game. Not sure there is much to it beyond that.

AngelicIceDiamond1344d ago

I can see that.

There are more PS4's sitting in peoples living rooms then are X1's.