Report: Battlefield 4's Latest PC Update Breaks SLI & Removes Grass Physics

DSOGaming writes: "So when Battlefield 4 was released, there was major flickering when SLI was enabled. With its second (or third) update, the game was fixed and was working fine with SLI systems. And then game another update that had a HUGE impact on the game's SLI performance. And now with this latest update that has just been launched, that awful flickering is back with a punch."

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WorldGamer1795d ago

Wow, it just get's worst. Words escape me for sure and my heart goes out to the PC BF community.

On the PS4, I find that when the match begins, level textures seem to take a bit longer to load up since the most recent update.

DICE/EA are really struggling with this one.

At least I don't get kicked out as often.... for now!

1795d ago
BLow1795d ago

Yeah its a same that the game is in the state that it's in. I'm afraid that Dice might of stretched their resources a little too thin releasing on so many platforms. People don't realize how hard it is to develop for systems at launch because tools are changing all the time as each company is always updating at a constant basis.

But the kind of world we live in,everything has to be perfect and work correctly. Unfortunately, Dice was under a deadline to release this before COD came out and the current situation with Battlefield is the result of that. I'm sure that they will iron out the remaining issues and their next game should be more polished. Hopefully.....

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Callediceman1795d ago

@Douchebag696 I never thought i would agree with a douchebag, lol.

GamerzElite1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

This game is still crashing on PS4 after Patch 1.05

--Onilink--1795d ago

Honestly, its barely crashing on PS4 right now. On my case, I play like 2h per day and maybe once every 10-15 matches it has crashed

Neonridr1795d ago

Bring back my grass physics!! ;P

pompombrum1795d ago

EA's Q/A department at it's finest.. stay classy!

Crossbones1795d ago

They need to fix the lost Single Player saves and the Multiplayer on the PS3 Version.

AllroundGamer1795d ago

DICE programmers are the finest...

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The story is too old to be commented.