New world record on classic Gauntlet arcade game

39-year-old Hanover, PA gamer Russ Cool played for more than 18 horus on a single coin en route to setting a new world record on 1985 Atari classic Gauntlet.

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GSKerns1559d ago

Wow... 18 hours straight with no pause or bathroom breaks... that's pretty hardcore!

Neonridr1559d ago

next year we will read about how this guy died trying to break his own record due..

GSKerns1559d ago

lol... was wondering what took so long for someone to post that :D

Angeljuice1559d ago

I put so many hours into gauntlet in my youth (both arcade and C64 versions), it does get a little mind-numbing after 150 levels or so. I only ever managed 4 or 5 hours straight. It's a great game though, one of my all-time favourites.