Remote Play And Indie Games Are The “Pillars” Of The Vita Strategy

Angie Santiago from SpawnFirst reports: "Andrew House told CVG that remote play and indie games are the pillars to the Vita strategy. Having remote play with PS4 was meant to boost sales. The purpose of this was so the Vita could be a “companion” to the PS4, giving it that second-screen experience, as well as making it a reasonable investment. The remote play is having the most success in Europe."

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PoSTedUP1552d ago

remote play to boost sales and indies for... idk, its good that they are there too i guess. but more sales = more games. if we have learned anything from the vita and wiiU it's that games will come, when they sell better. vita has had some impressive games so far compared to their sales, needs more original titles tho; 'looking forward to more third partys eventually, and Gravity Rush 2 (expecting it to really be impressive) i cant wait for it.

imXify1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

No, the PS4/Vita bundle would be the real deal. I mean come on, PS4s are sold out everywhere. People would get desperate to buy one regardless of being a bundle or not.

HighResHero1552d ago

That's a good point. A bundle even at $599 would fly off shelves right now.

GuyverThr331552d ago

Doesn't that weaken cross play games?

Yodagamer1552d ago

Probably, but what worries me more is how it will hurt original titles on vita. Why would people buy a spin-off of a title when they can just buy the ps4 game instead? If we don't get original games it might hurt the people who use the vita to play original games.

bothebo1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

It's refreshing to read your comments lol. A good example is Sly Cooper Thieves in Time which according to vgchartz has only sold 70,000 copies on the Vita, but over 300,000 copies on the PS3. Why pay for a game that will not have all the features and water downed graphics? The Vita needs its own games and big name exclusives will probably boost sales. For instance, why hasn't Bioshock Vita happened yet when it will without a doubt move hardware and put the Vita in a better position in the long run?

Yodagamer1552d ago

I love indies and all, but how do you sell a portable on indies alone? Indies tend to come to devices most people own already. I don't know, but sony needs to find someway to get some bigger games on it (gta, gran turismo, etc.) and market the great games there are to play on it because there are plenty of them.

bothebo1552d ago (Edited 1552d ago )

Lol thank you!! 2D side scrolling games do not move hardware and they add little value to the system. In my opinion Sony needs to provide "incentives" for companies to come onto the Vita. Think about it: if they pay a 3rd party $20 million to make a big game for the Vita and it reaches lifetime sales of 2 million they get their money back. I think Sony gets 25% of revenue from developers because its their platform. 40(2000000) is $80 million so they would get their money back. Digital sales on the PSN would see that number grow because they're just cut out the middle man. Additionally, if the big game gets people on the console they need to buy a memory card and maybe other accessories to go along with their Vita. They're probably not going to just play one game either.

Sony needs to splash some cash to make this happen.

Mexxan1552d ago

Utterly disgusting. A great handheld left to sink. I have a Ps4 and I didn't buy my Vita for it to be second screen - but a great game player. post TearAway it's death for the Vita - Sony will ditch it like the original Move.

PSVita1552d ago

There are great games and a ton of free ones with PS+ too. Remote play is an OPTION. Do You not like options?

CalebZachary84111552d ago

Toukiden is coming out in Feb for the Vita.

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