DICE Addresses PC ‘Kill Trading’ Issue in Battlefield 4

According to a recent post from Battlefield 4 developers, DICE, they’re finally releasing a new update for the PC versions of the game. The update is said to fix a great number of things, and one of those including the game’s ‘kill trading’ issue. “We’ve addressed the so called “Kill trading,” the developer stated. “This refers to when two players fire at each other and, seemingly, both die at the same time. The time window where a bullet could cause damage from an already dead player is now calculated as intended, decreasing the timeframe when players with high latency could get a kill, even though they should be dead according to the server.”

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Crossbones1703d ago

The need to fix the lost Single Player saves and Multiplayer Data on the PS3 Version.

C-H-E-F1703d ago

BF4 is messed up on soo many levels. I feel like I'm playing GTAV Online all over again.

Crossbones1703d ago

Like, did they not play the final copies of the game on all platforms before they released it.