The PS4 and Xbox One Generation Brings the Full HD Remake Trend: Here’s What We Can Expect

The generation of the PS3 and Xbox 360 gave birth to the "HD Remake" trend, and the generation of the PS4 and Xbox One already seems on the way to bring an equivalent trend for "Full HD Remakes"

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xHeavYx1795d ago

This time around, I don't think is a bad idea to remaster games. Many 360 only users switched to the PS4, and they will get to play amazing games like TLOU and Uncharted (if the games were to be remastered)

nutcase131795d ago

Why the disagrees? i call fanboys...

georgenancy1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

if they really want to play the last of us then they need to go get themselves a ps3,people bought the new consoles for a reason:new ips and innovation!

Drakesfortune1795d ago


Yes people bought a ps4 for new ips and innovation but doesnt necessarily mean people wouldnt like to replay old games in hd for example i upgraded my phone but i still play old games on them however they look better because of the updated graphics

Omegasyde1795d ago

I disagreed because if they expect to sell the games for full price with just a fresh cost of paint, its worthless.

A GOTY edition at 29.99 seems reasonable.

Indo1795d ago


Ppl bought the PS3 for the same reason, but welcomed PS2 HD remakes. Got no problem with PS3 games remade to full HD for PS4. Only problem i see is the price.

GameSpawn1794d ago


Not all HD remasters this generation have been sold at full prices.

In fact, I've bought a couple myself and they were between $20-$30. I have the Metal Gear, Kingdom Hearts, Sly, and Jak and Daxter HD collections. All of these contained 2-3 PS2 games redone in HD for an average of $10 a game -- not bad. I also have Ico and SotC HD, but I got those via PS+ so they didn't cost me anything besides HDD space -- though I warn they broke SotC by fixing some of the exploits the original PS2 version had.

I'll agree HD collections are bad if they are just being made for the sake of getting someone to spend $50, but if you are only asking $10 per game on average then it isn't so bad and gives more incentive to pick the old game up again.

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AngelicIceDiamond1795d ago

@Heavy And Vice versa?

Its kind of a weird statement.

xHeavYx1795d ago

I'm going to make the crazy assumption that there are more people who jumped from the 360 to the PS4 than the other way around.
Obviously it's a weird statement for people who defend the One no matter what

christocolus1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Lol....also those who jumped from ps to xbx will get to enjoy awesome games like gow, crackdown, alan wake and halo remastered....both sides enjoy.

There..Fixed xheavys comment.

christocolus1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )


Thought it was weird too but its fixed now.

qu1ckset1795d ago

@xHeavYx I was one of those who jumped from 360 to PS4 and have no regrets! Most my fav ips are no longer around and lost what it was threw every sequel, which made the switch so much easier. Forza and Halo are still good IMO but not enough for me to take a XBO over PS4.

I want MGS4 for PS4!

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SonyNGP1795d ago

There's always Gaikai. Or better yet, the $250 console bundle (or when the PS3 drops to $200).

Unless remasters are gonna be much more than just a resolution (and framerate) bump, it ain't worth it.

camel_toad1795d ago

I feel like the lengthy life cycle of this now previous gen is what gave it legs - but yeh its already apparent its sticking around.

I personally want new innovative stuff but the remasters are good for those no-new-stuff spells - and as mentioned great for people that may have missed the unmissables.

AngelicIceDiamond1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Yeah we know allot of 360 fans switched over to PS4.

Its a weird statement because anyone who buys the PS4 you'll be buying the HD remakes for that and vice versa with X1 just in general.

"Obviously it's a weird statement for people who defend the One no matter what."

Edit: There you go snooping in someones comment section ok its clear you cant decipher a fanboy comment from a logical sensical comment.

If I'm a "cheerleader" then prove it. I've made fanboy comments, we all have at one point but my mind set is to be real and logic when its need for both Sony and MS. I learned that a while back fanboyism is stupid and freakin pointless.

I don't only use it to 1 up one company over the other.

Considering you do the same thing with PlayStation. The only difference between us is I'm not a corporate cheerleader like you.

xHeavYx1795d ago

Took me 2 pages of your comments to see that you are as much as a cheerleader as anyone else

1795d ago
OpieWinston1795d ago

I prefer Microsoft First pary studios... HD remakes are okay but I've only seen Halo CE and Fable get remasters.

qu1ckset1795d ago

Meh Fable is dated , Halo 2 for XBO would be dope, I'd honestly want that over Halo 5. Halo 2 was the pinnicle of the franchise! , it kinda sad what halo evolved into... Duel weapons removed and all kinda of Ability's added. Don't get me wrong Halo 4 was fun but no where near as fun Halo 2 and If M$ never shut down the servers I'd still own my 360 and be playing that online when I'm not playing bf4 on PS4!

frostypants1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

I got Fable 2 for free when Live accidentally listed it for $0 a couple of years ago. I played it for 45 minutes, and then never played again. Incredibly boring. I don't get the draw.

Trekster_Gamer1795d ago

I would say just as many ps3 users of switched Xbox one its much for the next gen experience not just a Small makeover that is the ps4!

they need to Remaster all of the Halo series to bring it up to full 1080 P that would be the perfect collection in addition to the awesomeness that will be the newest HALO!

frostypants1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

You might say that, but the sales statistics wouldn't back you up.

1080P Halo? would be just like playing a generic PC shooter in 1998.

MAULxx1794d ago (Edited 1794d ago )

Don't you mean better hardware with no forced useless gimmicks? That is the PS4.

I could get onboard with some HD remakes if done right. At sixty bucks it might be hard sell though.

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NYC_Gamer1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

I'll only buy HD remakes for 30 bucks since the only thing changed are the graphics

Drekken1795d ago

So updated, higher resolution warrants $30? I would buy them for $9.99 if they are a good game.

MatrixxGT1795d ago

Eh that's a little harsh for me. There's still many man hours that has to be paid to remaster a game. $19.99 for me.

nutcase131795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Crash Bandicoot HD then ill be happy :)

would love to see my childhood classics in 1080p

KYU21301795d ago

i won't be paying full price for these remakes. I will wait till they hit bargain him prices if i have to.

Roccetarius1795d ago

Not sure why they included The Witcher in this. I doubt they're going to cash in on this, but i can see other ''HD'' remake companies doing it.

Nitrowolf21795d ago

Only reason TBH is because many PS fans have yet to experience the first two installments. So TBF, it kind of would make sense to do one.

I'm okay with the $30-$40 price range for them to

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