Guest Post: 7 Video Game Characters You Didn’t Know Were Feminist

Twinfinite writes: "As the video game industry struggles to come to terms with all these women who are apparently playing video games now, many developers are making efforts to create games that star or at least include strong women, because, you know, feminism. While this is certainly better than game after game starring rugged white men with stubble and frowny faces, let’s not forget that there is more to women than either sexualized damsel or woman with a gun.

The image of the “strong woman” is quickly becoming its own archetype. Articles that laud feminist video game characters predictably trot out the same examples over and over again. But, as the Tomb Raider reboot has taught us, there’s more to strength than the ability to kick ass. Feminist characters don’t always have to be the star of the game, nor do they have to injure anyone to prove their strength. "

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Rzep1703d ago

Nice idea for a video game list, but the writing and justification of the choices is a bit lacking. Still it's better than another "Top 10 secrets" that have been covered in magazines, websites, videos and god damn almanacs.