Devs Weigh In On [email protected] And PS4′s Indie Programs

Dylan Z of iGR writes: "We've speculated on which platform (XB1/PS4) would offer better exposure to indies in the past. We decided to see what impressions the devs themselves had on the subject."

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ElementX1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

So basically 3 said they aren't sure at this point and one said Sony

zeal0us1591d ago

We need an [email protected] vs PS4 Indie program, comparison. Developers can only say so much without stepping on some company's toes.

EBTpickle1591d ago

I'm working on something close to that. It's hard to expect a candid response from devs that are trying to sell their product.

DigitalRaptor1591d ago

Honestly, there is only one program that devs need be wary about.

If there are any reasons a dev should be worried or has complained about the PS4 indie program, I'm all ears. Step on Microsoft's toes and this happens

jackanderson19851591d ago

now MS might have some bad dealings but Jonathan Blow lost all credibility when he attacked everything MS said and when got proven wrong (such as the servers) he says "well i didn't say they didn't have them they're azure servers not XBL servers" even though MS said from the beginning that the new servers were part of the Azure programme.... Blow has a serious issue with MS and that's fine and dandy but he'll attack them given any chance...

now MS' issue with the day one parity is aloada crap and that'd be the biggest issue with the [email protected] at the moment in my view at least (that being said i don't know anything behind the scenes so their could be alot more) but if an indy dev wants to release on the xbox one and has the ability to do so i can see why MS want the day one parity

TheDarpaChief1591d ago

I will only have ps4 but for warframes update cert process sony messed up really badly. the thing was ready to go for two weeks

mhunterjr1591d ago

From what I can tell, both companies are breaking their backs to court indie developers. Sony has the early edge in terms of support, but Microsoft is definitely getting things together. One thing is for sure, indies will have plenty of opportunities to find success on consoles this gen.

Agent_hitman1591d ago

I remember when the news came out that sony and ms are handed out Development kits to devs like candies.. I think that's what they mean about developer friendly in 3 easy steps. Lol

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