Don't Believe The Hype, 34,000 Hackers Are Not Attacking PS4 And Xbox One

It’s amazing what a little creative editing can do, and someone, somewhere, decided to re-engineer a PR piece from Kaspersky Labs to make it seem like that the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are being targeted with 34,000 hacking attacks per day.

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JoGam1828d ago

Honestly, I knew it sounded fishy.

Vegetarianshark1827d ago

Yeah, way to misinform people-_- It sounds to me like karspersky is using fear-mongering tactics for misinformed gamers to buy their products. Karspersky also mentioned the "underground hacking community", I visited a few of those kinds of sites myself and usually, hackers with intentions to harms other people's systems are frowned upon. For every thousand hackers out there very few of them are the harmful types, the rest just wants to learn to create and manipulate programs using already existing programming languages like python. I'm pretty sure if those hackers were to touch a console it is for their personal gain of knowledge about these systems and not for scamming purposes. 34000 "hacking a day" is just a way for these companies to make hackers seemed like the devil and gain revenues from unreasonably scared consumers.

gamernova1827d ago

Well look, even if that was true, those are small numbers. There are millions of consoles out there. People are also attacking cells and computers. Hell, people are even attacking satellites.

Vegetarianshark1827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )

That article is just pure PR babble, it doesn't say wether those hacking attempts were "attacks" or not, which most likely they weren't. Its just a way for these companies to scare people into buying their products. I have yet to see or hear any legitimate victims of these vile "34000 hackers" -_-

GamerXD1827d ago

Off-topic: 34,000 hackers attacking is a hype? lol.

Agent_hitman1827d ago

Meanwhile "thousands" of gamers are now watching live streaming of porns or liveshow via Twitch... sarcasm