HOT NEWS-The official PC Multiplayer Mod for JUST CAUSE 2 was released right now

Point Games:PC Multiplayer Mod for Just Cause 2 came out right now out of beta and is available live on steam.
Multiplayer mode shows the real beauty of this game, but all the madness and chaos leading to “quiet” in the game multiplied by the dozens and hundreds of players.

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Oh yeah, GTA-killer material right there. /s

Look, I loved JC2 and definetelly the game deserves a multiplayer, but to think mods to such an old game is going to kill GTA Online, in any conceivable way really, now that's just delusional... Also, you do know GTA V is not even released on PC yet while this is not going to appear on consoles? They are not even competing, for crying out loud.

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1704d ago

let me check my give a fuck meter.. surprise it doesn't give a fuck..

PC Player are so lame.... hey guys mods are out!! weeeee enjoy the game for what it is..

SlapHappyJesus1704d ago

You are a constant hater on PC, even in the face of something that is truly awesome.
Are you simply stuck in your own, limited bubble . . . or are you just that jealous?

Einhert1704d ago

He likes to limit his gaming choice and files people into demographics like "PC Player."

Good luck with your close minded goals of 2014 Unrivaled.

1704d ago
Gabenbrah1704d ago

So the fans of the game shouldn't create new content for other players to personalize the game they want to play it? LMFAO, please go back to your console.

Somebody1704d ago

Hey, you have one those F-Meters too? So do I.

I just scanned your comment with my meter just shot itself with a cyanide-laced HE round.

OverPaperSkies1704d ago

PS4 owners are so lame. Playing on hardware that is already obsolete, not able to run at 1080p at 60fps.

Exclusives no one cares about, an online service you have to pay for and to top it off. NO MODS.

Kryptix1704d ago

lol But you're playing on hardware that is even more obsolete than the PS4 with the same "service you have to pay for" since you were praising Forza 5 the other day and bashing Gran Turismo 6 despite it was released on the PS3. lol

Here's a Forza 4 vs Forza 5 comparision and you say it was "built from the ground up." lol

Looks very similar, don't it?

PC gaming definitely has way more freedom and is more powerful, I'm a PC gamer myself. But I'm just pointing out how easy it was to expose your hypocrisy and hidden agenda. Get out of that closet, son. lol

OverPaperSkies1704d ago

Wut... ^ I criticized the Psflaw. Not the Xbox one. I don't see your point. If I'd mentioned the Xbone in my comment I'd see your logic.

But. You have no logic.

Stop sucking sony.

Kryptix1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

So you wasted your time praising Forza 5 but have no interest in owning an Xbox One at all in the future? Even if you don't own one now, that comment I linked still showed that you have an interest in owning one in the future since in every article I see you, you only bash Sony but not console gaming as a whole.

Which would make your whole comment in this comment section hypocritical because what you pointed out, the Xbox One has similar flaws but at a worse extent.

Hey man, if you have no interest in consoles, then why bash Sony or Microsoft if it's not effecting you in any way as a PC elitist? The logical thing would be to dismiss both since they're not doing anything to harm the PC market.

While me, I'm against Microsoft because they can effect the console market since they're one of the big 2. Reason why is that they are inconsistent and sluggish with what their fans ask for but I will respect them for trying to get their act together after years and years of lack of paying for new IPs.

I could be all wrong, but whenever you buy a next gen console or if you own a 360, then you're going to think back here and you're going to know that you're a hypocrite.

webeblazing1704d ago

Wow this is a surprise a psfanboy saying something cool n fun is stupid n not neexed . Why? maybe it has to do with it not being on their console like all their arguments like space sims n now they love them since vgx

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AceBlazer131704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

i'm by no means knowledgeable in english but 'was released right now' doesn't sound correct. sure there is some tense rule against it.

Somebody1704d ago

Coincidentally, Just Cause 2 is being sold for $2.99 on Steam atm.

Johnny Jiron1704d ago

Just got done messing about in it in Cubes server. Just silly fun chaos. Get the right group of people together and you can certainly make something out of whats there. Its nto any GTA Online Killer...but then again GTA Online aint exactly where it could be at neither.

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