YouTuber Gets His Own Video Game Flagged by YouTube

"The content ID issues continue, as one YouTuber has just witnessed a video for a game he made flagged."

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DragonKnight1821d ago

Now then, to all these people who were blaming Sony for The Witness being claimed, you try explaining how someone who created the content in the video can have his own work claimed against him.

We're talking about Google here. No, you don't have to tell the content ID system to search out content you submit and flag it. Google is a search engine giant, their search algorithms are likely capable of flagging content based on words, tags, and other criteria that have nothing to do with someone specifically pointing out content to flag. That's why it's automated.

Hell, you can use the world PS4 in a tag and have 5 seconds of PS4 footage in a video and it will be flagged WITHOUT Sony's involvement.

The content ID program is broken, in a BIG way, and needs a massive overhaul.

famoussasjohn1821d ago

Youtube has been on a decline the last few months. It all began with the Google + integration. The annoying pop up each time you login or go there to either sign into your normal Youtube account or sign into your Google + account. It shouldn't ask me every damn time, just once is good enough. The comment section went to hell when the comment section worked perfectly fine before. Now this nonsense. Stop being evil Google.

georgenancy1821d ago

youtube is getting horrible,i suggest people move to other streaming sites like vimeo and dailymotion got their whole channel banned yesterday

BattleTorn1821d ago

I can't imagine what YouTube's excuse would be...

"Well, it recognized as having copywritten material by our bot"

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