There’s PS4′s Currently In-Stock At A Major Retailer 12/16

Check out who has a rather decent sized shipment of PS4 hardware in-stock right now

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thekhurg1590d ago

In stock at a LOT of your local WalMarts too. People just need to check online to see where they are.

Eonjay1590d ago

All my Walmarts sold out yesterday. I have 4 in my area... I live in a city.

iiwii1590d ago

I was just looking at that last night and again this morning. Many are now showing stock. If your local store says out of stock, then choose the "Find in another store" option below it.

Eonjay1590d ago

It sold out... under 2 hours... not bad.

truechainz1590d ago

Just got one from Wal-mart yesterday end of day and they had a ton still. Wal-mart and best buy are both big places, and meijer if you are in a meijer state.

WeAreLegion1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

One of my co-workers needs one. I can't get ahold of him. Lol. They're going to be gone!

EDIT: I would, but there are issues there. If he found one already and didn't tell me... Also, I'm broke. Lol.

Majin-vegeta1590d ago

Why not buy it for him and then just have him pay you for it :P?

BoneMagnus1590d ago

I saw 6 PS4s at my local Walmart yesterday. I think with a little effort, people who want one will be able to get one. Almost makes me regret freezing my arse off waiting outside on Black Friday!

iiwii1590d ago

Glad some of the people who have been waiting finally can get one.

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