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Submitted by StillGray 783d ago | videocast

Kevin Pereira Rants About Battlefield 4's Continued Issues

"No one's happy with the way Battlefield 4's launch has been handled, but few communicate why quite like Kevin Pereira." (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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Snookies12  +   784d ago
Kevin was the reason I watched G4 lol.
Callediceman  +   783d ago
wtopez  +   783d ago
Kevin Pereira has a Podcast called Pointless and it's pretty awesome. The newest one features Geoff Keighley and there's lots of interesting questions answered about the VGX. I recommend you give it a try if you can.

Oops! Just realized what I'm recommending is actually where this clip is pulled from. My bad. Still there's a link if you're interested in jumping directly to the Keightley episode.
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AliTheSnake1  +   783d ago
Game works for me.
The crash to the Dashboard is happening with all games, including none EA games. It's a sony issue not EA issue. EA stated that a while back, but stupid people went apeshit thinking EA is blaming Sony.
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   783d ago

So you're saying that BF4 crashing on all platforms it's released (including not only PS4 and PS3, but also Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC) is Sony's fault, not EA's or Dice's... Yeah, that makes sense. /s
AliTheSnake1  +   783d ago
@bishop-br I don't know about the other platforms. The crash to the dashboard happens with all ps4 games. In fact it has happened with me more with PS4's exclusives.
Rockstar  +   783d ago
@Ali...Don't own BF4 and not 1 game I have has crashed to the dash yet on my PS4.
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zero_gamer  +   783d ago
My PS4 hasn't crashed once because I don't play BF4.
Rikuide_Furame  +   783d ago
Exactly, and he's spot on though. The game was clearly not ready for launch and EA pushed it out anyway with this "Fix it later" attitude and, so far, all we've been offered in compensation for playing a beta is double XP (which is laughable when several issues still exist)
Cupid_Viper_3  +   783d ago
Or as Septic would put it "Not Rushed"

Link to a little dust up we had a few days back.
J-R  +   783d ago
Great rant. The "fix it later" attitude is awful. We pay $60 for a game that isn't finished.

Thank god they don't make cars.

"So that new car we built... brakes don't work."
"That's okay we'll fix it later"
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vegnadragon  +   783d ago
What happened to him now in days?
HmongAmerican  +   783d ago
Kevin and Adam Sessler.
zeee  +   783d ago
kevin is a big yes. Sessler, no. Morgan? hell yeah cuz she was hottt.
creatchee  +   783d ago
I'm never going to be able to hear the Battlefield 4 theme again without picturing Trent Reznor farting into a distortion pedal.

Well played, Pereira. Well played.
frostypants  +   783d ago
Yeah, glad someone finally noticed how sh*tty the music composition is in the BF games...or at least the main series since BF2 (BF2, BF3, and BF4). The music sounds like its being played from an AM radio and recorded onto 8-track, then played back through a cell phone.

Which is weird, because the sound design is always phenomenal. Only the music sounds bad.
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Insomnia_84  +   783d ago
From what I hear and read, it looks like the PC and XBone versions of BF4 run pretty bad. Yes, it takes you to the main menu on PS4 at times too but that's about the only problem on PS4 that I have experienced since the very first update.

If you all have noticed, most of the rants and complaints are usually from PC and XBone users.

I already Platinumed the game and I'm on level 26 so far and like I said the only problem being when it crashes and takes you to the main menu sometimes. I've played for hours before the game crashes.
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bunfighterii  +   783d ago
On PS4 I get CE errors (crash to home screen) on both the campaign and online and rubber banding.

The worst part though is the quality of the servers. Most times I simply get disconnected from a server, and fail to connect to the 'session' to begin with. The servers are so unstable. I can play long uninterrupted sessions on Ghosts or Shadowfall, but BF I'll be lucky to join a game let alone stay in it for longer than 10 minutes.
mrpsychoticstalker  +   783d ago
Call of doggy
UnholyLight  +   783d ago
The latest update brought A LOT of stability to my experience on PS4 with BF4 at least. Weird cus my internet isn't that strong and yet I'm doing better than apparently a majority of N4G users. The only weird things I'm still encountering are the odd sound glitch at the start of a match (usually first 10seconds when it's loading textures) and the LMG's seem to fire a perfect silhouette around people even at point blank range they don't get hit marker properly!
towelie1288  +   783d ago
not really bf4 runs really smooth on my X1
i do get crash every now and then but no where near since post-patch
when the game works its really fun
frostypants  +   783d ago
He's a smart guy. And the implication he was making towards the end is definitely true...these days when we buy games, we don't actually "own" them due to ridiculous IP laws, and we can't return them, we as consumers are screwed. We have literally no viable course of action if we buy a broken game. As a result, the publishers have no fear of putting out a broken product. Once they have your money, the transaction is over, short of a lawsuit. It sucks.
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UnholyLight  +   783d ago
Seriously this guy is awesome. PREACH
lonewolfjedi  +   783d ago
man what happened? these problems weren't in the beta
WorldGamer  +   783d ago
The problems could be many. BETA was limited to a smaller number of people, on a few maps. Limited game modes. Maybe they didn't anticipate the demand for the game, or the "Levolutio" could have cause other issues that were unexpected.

I'm not making excuses, as I am just as upset as the next person, but this game is ambitious to say the least. Kinda makes me interested to see what happens when Planetside 2 hits the PS4.

Overall, all the frustration is warranted. I hope DICE/EA learned their lesson and ensure a smoother release with subsequent BF titles. We shall see I guess.
GarrusVakarian  +   783d ago
" I hope DICE/EA learned their lesson and ensure a smoother release with subsequent BF titles. We shall see I guess."

I doubt it. The thing that makes me worried is the fact that DICE/EA are making the next Battlefront game :/ .....if that's going to just be a BF with a Star Wars skin and filled with bugs and glitches then im going to be beyond angry.
Duke19  +   783d ago
I saw the stupid article photo and thought that AOTS was back.

Now im sad
Baka-akaB  +   783d ago
ANd yet "gaming journalists" didnt mention anything the whole time before release , nor even after in most reviews .
JonnyBigBoss  +   783d ago
It's in my review. I docked it points.
KNWS  +   783d ago
I don't know why they didn't use Microsoft Azure servers for Battlefield on xb1, least one platform might work.

Instead we have to put up with crappy Dice/EA servers, that crash all the time.
Majin-vegeta  +   783d ago
You're just flat out _________.
Omegasyde  +   783d ago
???dafuq???? LMAO

Yes because servers can fix all and any bugs!
DanielGearSolid  +   783d ago
That was the coolest Kevin P I've ever encountered. Where can I find more of his non AOTS stuff
nades_all_night  +   783d ago
Kevin is spot on about this game. Broken, and miserable. Hey, at least I've got Killzone, Blacklight, and Warframe. BF4 needs to be killed with hot, hot fire.
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frostypants  +   783d ago
No, it needs to be fixed. Battlefield takes a big steaming dump on every FPS out there...when it works.
towelie1288  +   783d ago
ewww those games suck compared to bf4 when its working and its been running better and better for me on the X1
JokerElite  +   783d ago
About time someone well known speaks up about issues like this. BF4 isn't the only game with a buggy launch.

It's ridiculous, a game being released buggy seems to be a standard now. I remember when games were good right from launch.

Nothing like paying $60 for something broken. Unfortunately, standards have changed and there's not much the consumers can do about it.
Majin-vegeta  +   783d ago
* Unfortunately, standards have changed and there's not much the consumers can do about it.*

Or you could do what i did and not buy it.Wait at least a year to buy while most bugs will have been squished out by then along with premium being bundled with it.For much cheaper than being the game and premium separate.
JokerElite  +   783d ago
My sentence was referring to consumers as individuals. An individual could choose not to buy the game. But it wouldn't be enough hurt sales. When consumers as a whole don't buy the game, that's when developers begin to notice that they have some opposition.

Otherwise they'll keep releasing broken games because they're still selling.
frostypants  +   783d ago
Thank online connectivity...they know they can sell you crap now and just fix it later via patch. PC gamers have been living with this since forever.
JokerElite  +   783d ago
That's true. But despite all the multiplayer beta testing, the multiplayer at launch still has problems that should have been fixed during the beta period.

It's a little different now that PS4 and XB1 are out. Since these bugs could be due to not being used to developing on the console.

But it's sad when you see PS3 and 360 games come out with problems. These consoles have been out for about 5+ years!
PudgeySan  +   783d ago
The only issues on PS4 I have had is once in a blue and I mean like once every 3 days I get game not connecting and not very often but once in a blue I feel I emptied a ton of bullets into someone and they are still alive. Both of these do not happen often enough.. there has been worse games.
Yo Mama  +   783d ago
You're lucky then. It took two weeks after I got the game to even be able to play a Conquest match. In the meantime, I played the Single player campaign. But guess what, the game is so buggy it deleted my game save not once, but twice! I've given up on it. No way in hell am I spending another 3 or so hours trying to get back to where I was. Trading it in asap.
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Burackus  +   783d ago
I agree with you Killzone is a sh!t ton better than battlefield 4
frostypants  +   783d ago
@Burackus: Killzone and BF are apples and oranges. Killzone is a single player game with tacked-on MP. Battlefield is an MP game with tacked-on single player.
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dragon82  +   783d ago
Every Killzone game has had multiplayer from the start. How is that tacked on?
N2NOther  +   783d ago
This is exactly what happened to me. No interest in trying again.
Knuckle Duster  +   783d ago
I've been saying "F'n" EA to myself for years and years! Pereira hit it dead on with his statement about the shards of glass in the beer bong insertion ! Lol
MajorGecko  +   783d ago
more people need to bust EAs balls they do this way to much or make shitty games like medal of honor
KNWS  +   783d ago
EA/Respawn will be using Microsoft azure dedicated servers for Titanfall and we'll truly find out with that game should EA just use Azure on xb1.

EA/Dice servers are causing too many issues.
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Necro_559  +   783d ago
Are you completely retarded? Do you not know how servers work? Azures would do nothing to help. Servers are the same, its the code they put on the servers that causes issues. So even if EA used Azures, they would still need to put their code on the server, and it would still have the same problems. Before you talk, learn what servers are. All servers are the same, its the BF code that is causing issues on the servers.
SoulSercher620  +   783d ago
That is a fanboyish statement. Servers do NOT fix bugs. FACT. Get it through your thick skull.
NYC_Gamer  +   783d ago
EA doesn't give a crap because people will continue to buy their buggy software
PsylentKiller  +   783d ago
To say sorry for your inconvenience, when you contact support, EA gives you %15 discount code for the Origin Store.
I've been in contact with EA and Microsoft about BF4 and have yet to receive the refund I/we deserve.
Microsoft gave 2 months of live.
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Vithar  +   783d ago
I miss KP!!! Loved AOtS
Nintenja  +   783d ago
Still CTD. XB1.
Playing FFXIV on PC instead. :p
Yo Mama  +   783d ago
And people disagree with me why, when I say I have absolutely 0% faith in Dice/EA to give us a decent Star Wars Battlefront?
Necro_559  +   783d ago
Because Dice is a great studio. EA doesnt make the game. They produce it, its EAs fault that BF4 got rushed. I have faith in Dice creating a good Battlefron game. I dont have faith in EA producing it correctly.
thief  +   783d ago
And yet, despite these problems, BF4 scored higher by reviewers than killzone.
Meta critic: killzone 74, battlefield 4 86 (from the "expert" reviewers)
Amazon user reviews: killzone 3.9, battlefield 4 2.8
Metacritic user reviews: killzone 7.2, battlefield 6.3
And keep I mind the killzone user reviews would be even better if not for low scores from certain "fans"

Makes you realise how shameless and useless review sites are
Yo Mama  +   783d ago
I thoroughly enjoyed Killzone more than BF4.

PS- I accidentally clicked on disagree. Sorry about that. I agree 100%.
Majin-vegeta  +   783d ago
*slips bag under the table*

Theres your answer.
gk07  +   783d ago
Grave  +   783d ago
F*ck EA.
Kiddcarter  +   783d ago
I bought this on PC and it was A total waste of money
yazter  +   783d ago
Wow he's hot.
badboy776  +   783d ago
F*ck EA.
HAC522  +   783d ago
had no idea Kevin Pereira was such a sailor! hahaha
esemce  +   783d ago
You would think that after all this sh1t is done and 'fixed' maybe they would give something back like a free map pack they could call it The sorry we are EA's b1tches and they made us rush it out expansion.

But we all know we will get jack sh1t from a company that charges more for the DLC than the actual game.
PsylentKiller  +   783d ago
I just called EA again about 20 minutes ago. There was nothing they could do for a refund because they didn't sell me the game.
I called Microsoft immediately after hanging up with EA. I told them that I was upset with Microsoft because they had told me in another conversation that they could not refund the game or the premium membership:

1. Because it was a digital copy.
2. That I would still have the license for the game even after the refund.
3. EA made a statement that they are the sole reason for the game being broken, so they have no obligation to refund anything.
4. EA makes the game, they received my money even though I bought it through the Xbox Store. Xbox doesn't make a profit from digital third party games sold through their store.

The representative from Microsoft, that I spoke with today, was very polite and professional. He said "Here's what I can do for you today. I can refund you the money for Battlefield 4 and you can keep your premium membership for when you decide to purchase Battlefield 4 later on. " I asked if I could get a refund for the premium as well and he said yes. "

I now have $119.24 on my Microsoft account. I also no longer have the license for Battlefield 4. I tried to play Battlefield 4 after I hung up with them and it asks if I am the owner of this game. When I view the game in the store, it no longer says installed but buy $59.99 instead. So, they can return digital purchases after all.
dragon82  +   783d ago
Thats good to know.
MajorGecko  +   783d ago
+bubbles for the sheerlock homes investigation of refunding digital downloads
r3f1cul  +   783d ago
:O holy hell i love hearing people who actually have some standing in the gaming community rant about shit i say every single night online in gaming now a days :)
XboxFun  +   783d ago
And yet people jumped up and down and cheered about 1080p for the PS4 and declared next gen is here and 50% power!

1080p means nothing when your game is still a buggy, laggy, glitch fest.

People should play gameplay and design and stability instead of just graphic resolutions.
bleedsoe9mm  +   783d ago
really bad part is how devs crunching for these next gen systems killed the pc versions as well
AstroCyborg  +   783d ago
rev3games needs to hire him to replace max
alti  +   783d ago
Kevin's rant has a better foundation than battlefield's code.
badboy776  +   783d ago
Xbone Fagboy lets move on People. Don't Support HIM!!!!
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