The Last Of Us On PS4 – Would You Buy It?

Recently, rumors have been spreading of a PlayStation 4 edition of the game. Hopes were raised and soon quashed when it turned out to be a hoax / lie. But wouldn't the re – release of such an important game in the PlayStation catalogue be a boon for the newly released console?

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Neonridr1795d ago

I would buy it, but only because I don't own a PS3.

thekhurg1795d ago

I would buy it day one, even at $60. I also own a PS3 and have the game on that system.

ZombieKiller1795d ago

This and GTA V.

I have so many games to play and am kicking myself for not picking this up. I love ND and the INCREDIBLE worlds they create. Not to mention all their products are the highest quality....

I ran into the "too many games to play" issue this season. Arkham and GTA are 2 of my favorite guys could imagine what this year was like for me. So I didn't get to TLOU. I also bought a PS4 and am dying to play something on it in the worst way. I mean a REAL game too. Not BF4 or some rehash of a game that has "fish AI" and makes you pay for Wolf Skins.

To make a short story long...Yes, I would LOVE to buy this for my PS4.

king_george1795d ago

Oh man are you in for a treat when u play TLoU. Beautiful game :) story is top notch too. Its better than Uncharted in my honest opnion and thats saying something because i freakin love uncharted

CannonB81795d ago

I can only suggest you take some time off work, get a decent sound system, close all the curtains and crank up the volume. You are in for a helluva treat.

It's genuinely one of those games I wish I could forget I ever played, just to experience it again.


GarrusVakarian1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

I own it on PS3 and i would buy it for PS4 in a heartbeat. For the upgraded visuals (mmmmm 1080p 60fps TLOU) and because i would want to show my support (again) to a videogame company that puts as much care, love and attention into their games as ND did with TLOU...(watch the making of The Last Of Us documentary and you will see what i mean).

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Xer0_SiN1795d ago

did i buy it day one on ps3? yes! would i buy it again on ps4 even if it was just a port? yes! is it worth it? yes!

*pointing index fingers to the sky*

zeee1795d ago

put a little groove in it

garos821795d ago

yes I would definitely double dip especially for [email protected]

himdeel1795d ago

At a highly discounted price point yes.

Christopher1795d ago

Only as part of the $10 PS3->PS4 upgrade. Otherwise, no.

Ezz20131794d ago

even if it was a remake with ps4 gfx ?

frostypants1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

I wouldn't, because I have it on PS3 and frankly, it's good enough. An increase in resolution wouldn't make enough difference. They'd have to add a whole lot more textures, animations, etc. to make a PS4 version interesting, and no way they'd bother doing that just for a port.

Seriously, this game is gorgeous on PS3.

TheGreatAndPowerful1795d ago

I have a PS3 and played it on that PS3 and still have it installed on my HD and I would still buy another copy for my PS4.

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iamnsuperman1795d ago

I wouldn't as I got it on my PS3 but other, non PS3 owners, probably will. It is a very good game

pyramidshead1795d ago

If there's a dramatic difference, as in if it runs better, then maybe. But not until about 2015/16 as I'm sure it's not going to go anywhere.

Walker1795d ago

Yes, i do. like a boss !