Xbox One’s First Wave Of Indie Games Will Likely Arrive March 2014, Says [email protected] Director

After announcing not only that Xbox One would support indie games, but that Microsoft had 32 studios lined up and working on them already, [email protected]’s director Chris Charla has told us that Xbox One owners can expect the first indie titles in the [email protected] scheme to arrive around the end of Q1 2014.

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P0werVR1527d ago

" According to Charla, the end goal for [email protected] is to have every player in the world capable of making their own game, whatever their ability: “That’s [players] at all levels,” he says, “from coding a game in C++, to someone who can’t code at all using something like Project Spark.” "

So it seems they'll have toolsets aside from Project Spark to create games for wanna be game designers who don't know coding?! Wow, that's amazing!

MasterCornholio1527d ago

Sounds like more advanced version of LBP.

I can't wait to see what MM next project will be like.

BTW I'm glad that Xbox has ID and Project spark. Its about time that the Xbox community started to produce content.

P.S Even though I admire LBP I never got into it.

SilentNegotiator1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Nevermind, misread.

sprinterboy1527d ago


I don't currently own a xbone but it would be cool if I could create a game character or enemy type and upload it to developers to maybe use in there game, that would be a cool feature

infectedaztec1527d ago

Strongly advise looking up project spark then

curtis921527d ago

I don't think enough stuff is releasing in march. /s

Lucifun1527d ago

Godspeed Microsoft, Godspeed.

BanginBiscuitz1527d ago

Man, Microsoft really stepped it up with the games for the new gen. The game lineup we have and had at launch is so amazing.

christocolus1527d ago

Good job chris..good job.

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