PlayStation boss says PS4 launch 'a great opportunity for Vita'

Sony Computer Entertainment boss Andrew House is hopeful that PS Vita's ability to act as a PS4 companion device will increase sales of the handheld system.

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DEATHxTHExKIDx1822d ago

shouldn't the Vita be able to increase sales on its own without the function of another device?

bothebo1822d ago

Thank you..... remote play is a cool feature but is it worth $200? Probably not.

TheEnigma3131822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

yes, yes it is worth it. You can play from anywhere there's a good wifi signal. And the Vita is $200 atm.

psDrake1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

As a Vita owner, I agree with you. No one SHOULD get a Vita only because of the remote-play feature. I got my Vita about a year ago not knowing the ps4 related features. It's been a rough journey at times due to lack of AAA games but indie games filled the gap a bit and then we got some awesome games like Soul Sacrifice, Tearaway and Killzone Mercenary....

As a ps3/vita owner, my initial plan was to get ps4 a couple of years later after the launch because there'd be no game of my taste. ( I still believe that, only 2k14 is exciting to me as far as launch games go)

But now with the remote play, I will get a ps4 once it's available in the location I live in. I play my vita home most of the time since TV gets taken over by other family members a lot, so remote-play makes my life a lot easier.

Not to mention, if you have ps+ & ps4 I see no reason not getting a Vita because some of the best games are free and with remote-play, Vita is a great investment. You don't have to pay for games since you get free ones with ps+ every month.

SonyNGP1822d ago

I tried remote play yesterday, and I really didn't get the hype. All I got was input lag and stutters (my router is sitting right next to me).

qu1ckset1822d ago

I imported the vita slim and love it , but remoteplay is meh to me , runs amazing but controls are lacking with out L2/R2 and L3/R3 ,so don't even think about twitch gaming like bf4 or cod , assassins creed ran well.

I love my vita for the games and apps it has available , remoteplay is just a bonus feature and would not recommend buying one for that feature alone.

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iamnsuperman1822d ago

True but it hasn't so far. I think the PS4 may make people get a Vita (especially if they have PSN+) but it will be a future effect not a now thing

Irishguy951822d ago

Of course, but every benefit is a benefit nonetheless.

Sony should work of localisation of their Jp games. Theres a bucket load of RPGs over there and only a handfull in US and EU

jujubee881822d ago

And if VITA still underperforms, thus begins Sony plans to make a real Playstation phone and tablet (not the botched Xplay or PSM stuff).

iamnsuperman1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

I don't they need a playstation phone (I feel Sony has released this too). They need a phone/tablet (as phones these day can play old playstation games) which they have sorted. They just need a cheap token controller type case (They have DualShock support in their devices but that isn't ideal for their phones). With them making a big push for Gaikai I don't seen the need for a playstation phone (the masses don't really want that). Just a regular Sony phone

TheEnigma3131822d ago

They made a ps phone. I had it; it was a cool idea, but the phone's performance sucked.

goodfellas271822d ago

@ SonyNGP:

Connect the PS4 with an ethernet cable. Add the system's MAC address to your router QoS, so it prioritizes its bandwidth over anything else; same with the Vita --add it's MAC address and prioritize. You shouldn't get any lag after doing so.

Jahbu1822d ago

It's funny cause I'm actually enjoying my Vita more than my PS4 right now. Just finished up Gravity Rush which I loved! Now I'm playing Ys, then i'll have Persona 4, Soul Sacrifice, Tearaway, and Uncharted to play. Man I love this little portable.

I still love my PS4 though. Just waiting for that Infamous to drop!

nfl1822d ago

No regrets. I like what the vita offers and remote play is just a bonus now. Tried war thunder on remote play. Controls are still easy to handle and the front touchscreen control for it is as well.

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