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Submitted by lifesanrpg 787d ago | opinion piece

10 reasons to delay buying a next-gen system

GameZone writes, "We have already told you plenty regarding why you should make the jump to next-gen; the smorgasbord of trailers, teasers and announcements floating around is enough to make any gamer giddy. But strangely, only a few million have picked up a PS4 or XOne thus far—though the figure is monolithic for sheer launch sales. While it’s entirely possible that the reason for this is that the other hundreds of millions of gamers reside under sound-deadened rocks, it’s marginally more likely that they’ve got one of the following on their mind." (PS4, Xbox One)

Corpser  +   787d ago
And keep playing games in sub 720p sub 30 FPS? No thanks
PeaSFor  +   787d ago
why would i keep buying the multiplat games for my ps3 when i own a ps4?

i waited for the ps4 version of ACIV and was totally worth it, aint gonna look back but i still have my ps3 to play GT6, but for everything going FOWARD instead of trying to convince my self that its not time to embrace new console gen after 7-8 long years.
Are_The_MaDNess  +   787d ago
you know there is something called a PC..... and we have been gaming in 1080p 120FPS for a very long time already.
consoles are out of date before they where even released.

i know i know. but its the fact.
consoles are slow and inaccurate and really destroys most of the enjoyment with dropping framerates and bad response times.
for me a new console is not to be going forward, it will be as going backward many many years.
i enjoy my 60+FPS gaming with hardware that have 1ms response time.
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thezeldadoth  +   787d ago
^ quit trying, they block that idea out of their heads. Something about being expensive and not having epic sony exclusives or inefficient hardware.
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Baka-akaB  +   787d ago
and ? he's talking about consoles , what do you care about bringing the pc in the mix ? And who told you some dont have pcs already ?

I dont agree with his point , but still , at least it's relevant


So now having access to games you care about on any of those consoles isnt a good enough reason ?
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Moz  +   787d ago
@thezeldadoth - and then there are those of us who aren't elitist pricks who have high end PCs and games consoles as you get the best of both worlds and the choice of all the games.
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Gohadouken  +   787d ago
Well i dont care about going forward or backward . No Platform plays everything . Even pc would have to wait a few years or specs to do so .

Until then i'll just play the games i care about on the platforms they are available for . And no it doesnt matter that you conveniently dont care for those missing Nintendo , sony or MS exclusive games . As long as others do , there is a market for it
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PeaSFor  +   787d ago
i also own a gaming rig.....for bf4, but hey, nice to remind me that i can play on my pc too.

but im busy with my ps4 right now.

the "pc only" gamers(well, more phoney than gamers) always have to act like a bunch of unwanted jehovas witness with their blatant ridiculous "i know the truth" attitude...but in same time they avoid a lot of awesome games not available on pc...wich is weird since real gamers want to play good games and thats what a real gamer would do instead of trapped in a pc only circlejerk


now Are_The_MaDNess, just gtfo you phoney gamer, you are the least credible kind of "gamer".
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OverPaperSkies  +   787d ago
The PS4 is still running games at 30fps.

dericb11  +   787d ago
So is the PC. LOL

Need for Speed Rivals if you are confused.
ZombieKiller  +   787d ago
Can' ..

Too busy playing my PS4 you told me to get in the last article.
Toolster  +   787d ago
"But strangely, only a few million have picked up a PS4 or XOne thus far"

That's not strange at all, it's because that's all that's been made, as soon as they make them they sell out
GamersRulz  +   787d ago
PS4 available at best right now
Toolster  +   787d ago
Cheers GamersRulz but I'm in the U.K. and unless I will to spend £600/£700 I can't find one at the mo
Tzuno  +   787d ago
:) you still don't get it? prepare to play a lot of 30fps games on your next gen console.
stuna1  +   787d ago
I personally can't think of 10 reasons not to buy a PS4, but I can think of 1 reason why you would want to buy 1! "GREATNESS"!
clouds5  +   787d ago
So your only reason is marketing hype? I have a stone here that says greatness on it. Wanna buy that too?

Reasons against of the top of my head:
-no games
-pay for online
-no backwards compatibility
-micro transactions and/or ftp in every game...
-PC is still better in every way.
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JohnnyTower  +   787d ago
PC is more expensive that $400. Wish you PC guys would get a clue. Yes PC can do better things, if you want to pay for them. When I can get a gaming PC, Headset, and Controller for $400 that can be on par with Next-Gen, then you have a case for why the PC is better. Until then....Shaddup!!
Are_The_MaDNess  +   787d ago
well Johnny, who in their right minds would want a gaming PC that weak?
its about choice, we want better hardware that push the limit and its not because all new games need it, but because we want it to run smooth on max as we can.

our games are cheaper, we still have our backlog counting back decades that is still working great on PC. we dont need to play for our online service. micro transactions are a part of this generation tho, but we have free to play games that really are free to play without PTW like Dota 2.

yes you could get cheap hardware that comes to the price of a console, but who the hell would want that?
got 3 screens worth 430USD each,
got a 130USD mouse
got a 50USD mousepad
got a 150USD headset
and a 150USD keyboard.

PC gaming is all about choice and having the ability to pick from the highest grade parts there is.
Gohadouken  +   787d ago
for guys that are all about choices ... it boggle the mind how you can't graps people liking at least some console only games as a good enough reason
Moz  +   787d ago
@Are_The_MaDNess I think your missing the point a little there clouda5 gave expensive as a reason not buy Next-console while at the same time saying PC was better in every way, which it isn't because PC is even more expensive then NG (for hardware anyway)

As for who'd want a gaming PC "that weak" how about anyone who can't afford it. Consoles from a hardware point of view have always been a good value proposition, not just on a direct comparison of hardware to PC but they punch well above their weight thanx to the fixed hardware.

There is plenty of space in the world for both PC and consoles. I'm just glad that the rate of diminishing returns means we're not too many years from the power arguments being mute possibly as soon as the generation of consoles after the current one.
stuna1  +   787d ago
I take it you don't know what a personal opinion means?
ZombieKiller  +   787d ago
Show me a console or PC nowadays that doesn't have all of what you stated.

OK the pay for online thing yeah... but Sony gives you games, I'll gladly pay the $50 a year for it.

-expensive : and a PC isn't? For that matter, what ISN't expensive in todays world??
-no games :It's the launch, the games will come.
-pay for online -can't's only $50 a YEAR
-no backwards compatibility -I have a PS3 for that
-micro transactions and/or ftp in every game...-Why is that a negative reason? FTP will weed out all the shitty developers as we get to try their game first. Not to mention, I have 5 FTP titles on my PS4 so far, and I haven't spent a dime on them. WHY? Because I don't want to. I'm not that hooked to spend money on them. The good games can take my money, FTP has to prove to me first that it's a good game.
-PC is still better in every way. -Ok maybe better in some ways, but does it have God of War? Uncharted? The Last of Us? Even Halo or any xbox one exclusive?

Not to mention the install base. My friends have PS3 and PS4, not PC. They don't want to have to do extra stuff on their PC, they want to pop in a game and play. Same thing here. Although I love the mods and other things a PC can do, I'd rather get home from work, sit on my sofa and play a game and that's it.

-PC is still better in every way....for you it is.
OverPaperSkies  +   787d ago
Pc > PSflaw.

Edit. You could build a Pc for $500 which would outperform a PS4. On top of that. You'd be paying half the price for games , no online charge etc.

In the long run. You'd spend ALOT less while only spending a little more from day one. Either way. Better than a psflaw.
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TheEnigma313  +   787d ago
What kind of pc would outperform a ps4 at $399?

Edit: I have a pc, so spare me with all the perks; I game on it all the time. I bet the $500 computer you speak of doesn't include the cost of the OS. Like I said; what pc at $399 can outperform a ps4?
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JessiePinkmanYo  +   787d ago
Don't bother Cochise. This clown has 2 bubbles and he already wasted them on PC fanboy comments. FWIW I too have all three consoles and a PC. NO WAY can you build a PC capable of what the PS4 does at $400. You'll be lucky to get a video card and maybe a motherboard to stare at. $400 will possibly net you a garbage Compaq from Walmart
Gohadouken  +   787d ago
Everytime people wanna be precise about the actual initial cost , you guys go off a tangent about cost down the line , and peripheral stuff .

You guys wanna brag about having material that play better for the exact same price ? Then put up or shut up .

While not cost effective in the long run ... plenty can afford small 60 dollars gouging for games monthly .. not everyone can or want to pay the initial cost for a good pc , even if it's significantly cheaper than it used to be . And there are cheap console gamers , that do get discounted games anyway
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cocadaking  +   787d ago
Go back to Dota and leave us alone, no one cares.
ZombieKiller  +   787d ago
The fact that you call it PS Flaw makes me not even read the rest of your fanboy comment.

2 more bubles to go beanbag.
sprinterboy  +   787d ago
We console owners know pc is superior but what pc owners can play games like killzone, uncharted, the order 1886, lbp, heavy rain, gran turismo etc etc. Pc gamers never seem to be able to grasp that lol. I play the best games of any system.
Brucis  +   787d ago
Why do people act like PC doesn't have any exclusives? Goddamn people, just get the system(s) with the games you like and shut up.
Gohadouken  +   787d ago
Who does ? it's usually the pciste trolls that keep acting as if Libraries were irrelevant , hence they win with perfs and comfort .

Both worlds have their set of exclusives , and everyone game according to their fancy
KonsoruMasuta  +   787d ago
I have a PS4 but I'm playing my PS3 more. I need JRPGS to survive, and next gen doesn't have much of those.

I just didn't want to wait.
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TheEnigma313  +   787d ago
Why does PC fans always come here stressing how much better pcs are better than consoles. I have a pc and I love it, but not everyone wants a pc; just let it go geez.
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Brucis  +   787d ago
"And keep playing games in sub 720p sub 30 FPS? No thanks"
Because things like this open the door for them, that's why.
KonsoruMasuta  +   787d ago
You're the only PC gamer on here that has any sense.
Majin-vegeta  +   787d ago
Why do certain PC players always have the need to bring their crap in console related articles?Are you guys that insecure that you have to remind us something we have always known?Or is that you guys are mad that you didn't get a port of RDR,TLOU,GOW3 etc etc... yea that must be it.
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Brucis  +   787d ago
Why do people bring up the Wii U/PS4/X1 in articles not directly related to them? Either because they're applicable or they're fanboys. Stop acting like only PC guys do this.
NihonjinChick  +   787d ago
What a childish argument

"By they do it!! So why can't we?"
#7.1.1 (Edited 787d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report
Brucis  +   787d ago

I never said it was okay, just that it happens with every group and that pretending that only PC elitists do so is silly.
aquamala  +   787d ago
"PS4 is better than XB1"

1080p is so much better than 720p

"PC is better than PS4"
who cares
1080p 30fps looks good enough for me
you elitist
Moz  +   787d ago
I've never understood the waiting for it to come down in price argument that many people give for waiting. I can understand it if you simply can't afford it at the current price. But if you can afford it why wait your just missing out on 6 to 12 months (or more) use of the console so your £/$ to month cost generally works out to be the same (if not better) by buying as early as you can.

If there are no games available that you want to play that's a genuine reason not to buy yet.
Bob Dole  +   787d ago
The amount of autism in this thread is astounding. A lot of people have consoles and PC's. The rest don't really care about stuff a bunch of fanboys say on the internet regarding either.
assdan  +   787d ago
If you like games a lot, you should get one within a year. I will not say that the ps4 is a need to buy right now though. I'm glad I got mine, but it's not a must have YET.
JessiePinkmanYo  +   787d ago
This article is just butt cream for all those that didn't preorder and/or secure a console. Wait for a price break?! That's laughable considering the demand for them (especially the PS4). Also, I'd rather level up and enjoy my games on the console(s) that are going to be around for years to come and enjoy the games with better graphics and features.
I'm also happy to see the lack of console failure articles that ran rampant in the days after release of X1 and PS4. The issues appeared to be isolated and no RROD fiasco either this gen.
thepatientgamer  +   787d ago
i'm more than willing to wait for that $50-$100 price drop.

Edit: Either system. Just depends on which one my friends will be playing on.
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Rage1Fighter  +   787d ago
I got an XB1 (in some respects I personally believe this was a poor choice, but I get a modest level of enjoyment from it none the less) because my friends did. I would have prefered to put that money toward a new PC build......BUT! No way my friends could afford to build an upper end gaming rig.

So I'm gonna break it down this way.

PC- You can build one that will perform better than any console for about $100 more than the most expensive console. But, now you have a bottom end gaming rig, in other words....your do you have $1200 laying around....great! Now you are top of the line.....for two hours till more expensive better hardware comes out. Yay! fucked again.....But even your outdated rig performs way better than any console available!

Pros-Perfomrance!!! and reliable, multi-purpose (I get to tell my wife that she can use it to print stuff out and surf the web, although consoles can do this now too)
Cons-it's FREAKING expensive!!!!!

Consoles-You pay for it...thats it....a one time investment (until you fry one immediately after the warranty runs out) thats cheaper than pretty much any computer you can build. It's very likely that your cheap ass friends have chosen this path as well (this is my problem) so you dont have to leave them behind. You have games that arent available to PCs.

Pros-cheaper, your friends are there, some exclusive games, your console is exactly like everyone elses no one has an advantage
Cons-pay to play (who the fuck invinted this idea, they should be shanked), rocky starts (lauch issues), console gaiming communities are heavily populated by ASS HOLES!!!! (keeps friends close, so you can all spam the avoid button at once!!)

Conclusion......I forgot where I was going with all this, I'm going to play Xbox....

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