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Cyrus writes : "Bravely Default is a spiritual successor to the 2010 NDS title Final Fantasy and the 4 Heroes of Light. Although the game itself is a new IP, it plays extremely similarly to a classic Final Fantasy game as 4 Heroes of Light did, borrowing many elements from Final Fantasy while simultaneously adding new ones to make it unique enough to make the game an absolute blast for Roleplaying Game fans.

In terms of the game’s plot, Bravely Default really doesn’t do anything that hasn’t been done before; the world is in peril, something has happened to the four elemental crystals, four unlikely heroes team up and there’s an entire empire out to prevent you from restoring the crystals. The story does take a crazy turn and there are a few twists and turns here and there, but it is a story that stays simple throughout".

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Chrono1801d ago

Playing it right now, it's excellent.