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Dom from DarkZero writes - "I have to admit that I haven’t been all that excited for this new era in gaming. This is probably the first time where I have genuinely felt apathetic about what to play on launch day. I suppose you could say that I’m a bit down that there isn’t that one standout title in this next-generation of gaming to make you explode with awe, which I guess we call current-generation now? Since two half-shiny, half-matte black boxes have just released on the market to successful sales.  On Sony’s side of things, Killzone: Shadow Fall is their key launch title for the PlayStation 4. Now, some people might have a bit of a chuckle with that, but I have fairly enjoyed past Killzone titles, and the series has always been known to showcase fantastic graphics for the hardware they run on, so what better way to show off the power of the PlayStation 4 than launching with a Killzone game."

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joab7771820d ago

Another bullshit score. I will say that the sp story leaves much to be desired but otherwise wasn't terrible. Offered a little more openness and options for combat. But the multiplayer is amazing. I know its an opinion but I like it much more than CoD...B4 and KZ r two best right now. I love what they did and how they took focus off of the norm. I am sure it angers some but it puts emphasis on team creates the most intense player count and size is perfect. I dunno. I wish they would have taken the k3 dynamic ideas and pushed them forward or included some of the staples from k2...which is one of the best ever imo. Oh well...I guess to this guy its nothing but eye candy!

Shadonic1820d ago

I've had it for a few hours and so far there campaign is interesting while the multiplayer needs some improvement which thankfully from what ive heard are coming.

Dread1820d ago

yep another bad review for a sony exclusive
of course it is bull, sony never makes bad or mediocre games they are all perfect tens. Its a conspiracy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ms paid for it as always.

BattleAxe1820d ago

"I have to admit that I haven’t been all that excited for this new era in gaming. This is probably the first time where I have genuinely felt apathetic about what to play on launch day"

I feel the same way, which is why I'm not buying a PS4 or Xbox One. Titanfall on PC is where I'm going to spend my time.

TedCruzsTaint1820d ago

I don't plan on owning anything, outside of the WiiU, before 2015.
There just is no justification for the price of the consoles.

abzdine1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

Titanfall looks plain boring, i'm sorry...
the VGX video really shows how boring that game is, for me at least.

Shadow Fall disappoints me more and more everytime i play it. i'm waiting for DLC to hope they can win be back again with this game... in the meantime, i'm on KZ3!
Nothing pisses me off more than when i cant see the objectives that well. why the hell did they make them almost invisible?

Shadonic1820d ago

I'm feeling the same and i literally just got it. hopeing that the upcoming update and the DLC ( i heard its free) plus the upcoming free to play trial thats going out to everyone brings some players in and kicks the game into gear. right now its like im playing PrettyZone: slowfall

LuditPRIME1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

When you play it you will change your mind. :)

MrUndrhill1819d ago

Yeah I agree, I really enjoyed Shadowfall, but it made me go back to KZ3 which I found to be much better. They lost some of the essence of Killzone when they changed it so drastically.

Evil_Abed1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

This is what style over substance results in. This franchise has been a thinly veiled tech demo for the graphics capabilities of the PlayStation consoles from the get go. KZ2 may have marveled many with its impressive looks, however, those looks are no longer enough to excuse the lackluster gameplay and so so story.

I am glad reviewers are no longer being heavily influenced by pretty graphics when scoring games, after all, when the shine fades, gameplay is and always will be king.

Step it up a notch or 4 GG, or this shallow fail syndrome will follow the Killzone franchise forever.

abzdine1820d ago (Edited 1820d ago )

KZ2 and KZ3 have highly addictive MP!!
Those Frozen Dam and Akmir Snowdrift maps are BEAUTIFUL!!!!

bjmartynhak1820d ago


He liked the multiplayer, but not the single-player. Then it is a 6...

The enemies waves are used in three occasions if I'm not mistaken. Doesn't seem too much. The first one is really easy (forest, waiting for the airship, classic in fps). A bit harder on second (only until you find the Voltage) and the last is the hardest (before a boss battle). The last chapter is not waves, it's just you kicking the front door.

I have to disagree with the OWL, I think it was well implemented. Except for the zipline, which is extremely limited.

joab7771820d ago

Did he also hate battlefields sp aspects b/c they r very similar except that the owl actually opened up the map. Some reviewers complained that the waypoints weren't good. Its because they r so used to following the guy with the follow title. Try exploring and figuring it out. And they didn't just spawn waves. Yes...I wish there was one more diff level but whilethe story was once again quite pathetic, the gameplay wasn't. And the multiplayet is justification enough for an 8. It is a refreshing experience from the steroidal run and gun of CoD. It daringly took the emphasis off of k/d and leveling and put it on gameplay and teamwork. Some of the most intense shit occurs! The maps r great, player counts r perfect and its quite balanced. Oh well!

Domstercool1820d ago

I actually didn't think much of the campaign at all, it started off exciting with some interesting concepts, then it just went downhill after that. The last two chapters (not including the bonus after the credits) where just monotonous. I don't want to collect plugs to stick into things. I prefer the Vita Kilzone's SP over Shadow Fall's.

If it wasn't for the multi, I would have scored it lower, but I find the multi to be solid fun. In regards to the BF comment. Yes, BF single player is poor too, but the multi is exceptional. I love the concept of Levolution (dumb name) and those make for exciting maps, and make BF4 better than BF3. That game doesn't even need a campaign IMO, while Shadow Fall's multi, while better than the SP of Shadow Fall, wouldn't be as close to BF4's Multi, if it was a standalone product.

Again, all just my opinion. I have nothing against people disagreeing

Domstercool1820d ago

Oh and 6 is still above average, btw, so I'm not saying Shadow Fall is just an average game. I'm saying that Shadow Fall is above average attempt at the genre, but not a good one, or, IMO, better than KZ2 or KZ:Mercenaries.

kratoz12091820d ago

Well i may not be a video Game Journalist
But i would rate this game 7.5

I enjoyed it more than Battlefield 4(MP is broken) and yet somehow that game got GOTY for FPS

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