Strong sales for PlayStation 4 in UAE

Nadeem Khanzadah, head of retail for UAE retailer Jumbo Electronics, said his company had sold about 1,500 of the PS4 console after its official launch in the country on Friday.

That figure comprised 1,000 keen souls who pre-ordered the console back in May this year, before the firm stopped taking orders. The remainder went to those who managed to bag the sought-after device from the company’s UAE stores after its December 13 launch.

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ArmGunar1496d ago

UAE = United Arab Emirates for those who don't know ^^
(I learnt something)

Nice for Sony :)

Omran1496d ago

I am from UAE and still didn't bought the
console ! hopefully next month i can get one !

SonyNGP1496d ago

Virgin are taking pre-orders for the 26th. Just a heads up if you're looking to get one soon :)

Omran1496d ago

I will get one when I
get rid of my financial issues