Nintendo struggling with sales

Nintendo officials don't seem to be concerned by some lacking sales performances!

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yellowgerbil1709d ago

that "article" is full of bad spelling. Top notch professionalism there.

gamerheadlines1709d ago

Care to elaborate on the spelling mistakes?


Well something about "don't seem to be concern" doesn't sound right to me.

yellowgerbil1709d ago

"Sure, we’re always expecting companies to boast on their performance from their own advantageous angles, and this month is no different, with Sony declaring Playstation 4′s launch to be “the biggest in history”, while Microsoft is pointing out that the Xbox One is “the fastest selling console” out there."
that is one LONG poorly written sentence. "boast on their performance from their own advantageous angles" seriously are you just trying to sound smart???
It is common knowledge that companies will skew the results to make them look more favorable. For instance, Sony makes the claim that the PS4's launch is "the biggest in history". While Microsoft claims the Xbox One is the "fastest selling console".
There a guy who got C's every year in English can still out write you.

sinjonezp1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Okay,.the writing is lacking. Great...but whom amongst us are tired of seeing.repeat articles about Nintendo's inabilty to move units or sell games. This is like.the eight article.i have last few weeks. Forget the grammar of the article and.focus on.why we constantly give.these mediocre sites hits. I hate being the douche, seriously, but n4g needs to look.into these articles submitted more an decide of.they really should be approved. Just my opinion. It is like any 13 or 14 year old kid can get a site and call themselves journalists. (Forgive the angry joe rant my people lol). On topic, nintendo really needs to step it up.

starfox0791708d ago

Why write a negative article on wiiu sales when they are picking up ???? basically when something good is happening for Nintendo all you little Sony/Microsoft lemmings start writing negative articles that contradict themselves......??????

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gamerheadlines1709d ago

Fixed the description, thanks for highlighting that. Still, that was the N4G description, I still fail to see where the horrid spelling is in the article itself.

admiralvic1709d ago

"Nintendo struggling with sales"

You shouldn't say "Nintendo struggling" for two reasons. The first is that it just sounds extremely awkward and makes me think your writer is the Hulk. Who wants to read an article that is written by the Hulk? Who would hire someone who speaks like "Hulk resume good?" Also, you need to add something between Nintendo and struggling, like "Nintendo is struggling with sales." I am not saying that should be the title, but it's infinitely better than Nintendo struggling.

"Nintendo officials don't seem to be concerned by some lacking sales performances!"

The sentence is very awkward and could easily be worded infinitely better. For starters, you don't need to say some or performances. It implies that some things are performing (maybe Super Mario 3D World, but thats it) and even then, some invalidates the need to make performance plural. In either case, the sentence should read more like "Nintendo officials don't seem to be concerned by underwhelming sales" or something along those lines.

Shnazzyone1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

Not to mention this guy got nintendo's opinion of liking the boost in sales momentum and said, "I'm my opinion these sales numbers are bad!'

Nevermind what the company said. This guy knows better.

Nintendo really has to be worried about having the best selling game console and seeing an attach rate forming for wii U.

Neonridr1709d ago

What a very uninformative article. Are you kidding me? The Wii U has a bad library of games? No offense to the PS4 and XB1 but aside from a couple of exclusives for each system, the rest of the library is made up of last gen ports, and a few of them are found on the Wii U as well.

The Wii U sales were down in November this year compared to last year. Ummm, ok. The console launched last November, so of course there would be more demand. Do you think the PS4 or XB1 are going to sell over 2 million consoles next November? Highly unlikely, the demand won't be as high because they won't be new toys anymore.

Why is the 3DS even mentioned in this article? You cannot have an article about struggling sales and include the 3DS in it if you want to be taken seriously. The 3DS is a beast, and week in and week out continues to sell at a ridiculous pace.

If recent reports are to be believed then the Wii U is actually trending up in terms of sales not down. Titles are starting to release that people actually want to play, and as a result, consoles are being sold. No it's not as many as the Xbox One or PS4, but those are brand new consoles that will naturally have a high initial demand. Will they both continue to sell at such a high pace? Perhaps, but only time will tell on that one.

gamerheadlines1709d ago

Both Xbox One and Playstation 4 will be getting a huge amount of content next year, most of which really looks next-gen. The Xbox One is also getting a TV Show based on Halo, directed by Spielberg himself. So yea, when I'm stating that there's a major difference between available content, I have good reasons to back that claim.
Sure, the Wii U has a few great games, but none of them are really next-gen, and looking into the future, I see Nintendo in a state of stagnation while the competition is evolving and progressing.
Lastly, the drop in sales is an overall analysis, not referring exclusively to the Wii U.

Neonridr1709d ago

and I bet the Wii U is getting no quality software next year in your mind right? Donkey Kong, Smash Brothers, Mario Kart 8, Bayonetta 2, X are all shaping up to be great games.

I own a PS4 so I know that there are some games releasing that I will be purchasing. But to sit here and say that the Xbox One and PS4 are getting big games but the Wii U is not clearly shows a level of ignorance.

thezeldadoth1709d ago

so ridiculous fanboy made a website. marked it as WTF.

admiralvic1709d ago

"but none of them are really next-gen"

I love when people say this, since it's a pseudo fact that means nothing. Like what makes The Wonderful 101 or Pikmin 3 "current generation" (shouldn't we start calling the next generation stuff current at some point?) and things like Destiny, The Evil Within, Wolfenstein, Ground Zeroes, Watchdogs, Titanfall, Thief, Rayman Legends, or Diablo III "next generation" stuff? Beyond them, only a few titles are announced that we don't know a whole lot about, so who's to say The Order is next generation, but X isn't?

Klad1709d ago

I really don't know how you came to that conclusion about Nintendo (The Company). 3DS is outselling EVERYTHING!!! Wii U's sales are going up. PS4 & Xbox Sales are very high because they just launched before Christmas & are brand new systems. Vita is selling very badly, does this mean Sony as a Whole is going down too?? NO IT DOESN'T.

Also, please define a NEXT GEN game for me? Do you mean just graphics? because as i recall a certain magazine said That Super Mario 3D World was the only REAL next gen game out right now! scoring higher that all PS4 & Xbox One games out at the moment.

starfox0791708d ago

Nintendo with Mario 3D WORLD have the only nextgen game in terms of graphics easy....get a grip....

FoggyWar1708d ago

This guy brings a tv show into a convo about games, and he is supposed to be a good reference on what is qualifies as next funny

wonderfulmonkeyman1708d ago

Killzone shadowfall has proven that just because a game "looks next gen", doesn't guarantee great gameplay or new, innovative, truly next gen ideas, so your assertion of their coming games "looking next gen"means precisely jack squat.

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SlapHappyJesus1709d ago

I plan on buying one by the end of the year. That doesn't seem to be true for the majority though.
That said, Nintendo is most certainly fine, financially. They can eat these poor sales this entire generation and then another after that.

CAB18021709d ago

no shit sherlock, at least they are improving

Allowen1709d ago

If a Mario 3D world game did not help Nintendo to see its wiiu selling a lot more in nov/December I don't think smash bros or Mario Kart will help more.

But for sure smash bros will sell a lot and a lot 3DS systems. I am geting my copy.
But Nintendo did not convinced me why I should buy a wiiu.
The 3DS is all I need when I think of Nintendo.

JohnnyTower1709d ago

I think you underestimate the power of Smash bros and mariokart. I'm not saying they will topple GTA V numbers, but historically, Mariokart has been a system mover and the need for a new Smash Bros has been pent up for 7 or so years.
Ps- I completely agree with the 3ds. It is a flawless device and I put more hours on it than all my consoles put together.

starfox0791708d ago

Mariokart sells around 15 million copies in the west and around 7 million in japan ????? Mariokart is in COD territory in the UK always has been and beats COD worldwide in sales your very wrong,mario galaxy didn't sell wii's so why should 3D WORLD sell wiiu's ????

Neonridr1708d ago

Allowen - Mario Kart sold over 30 million copies on the Wii. And this is a game that isn't played by the soccer moms and grandpas who bought the Wii.

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