Achievements at the Xbox One's launch sure are different than the Xbox 360's launch

GameZone's Jake Valentine writes, "The launch of the Xbox 360 console was memorable. Not just because it marked the debut of a new console generation and featured new and exciting games (well, it had Dead or Alive 4 for a bit until The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion was released), but it also unleashed achievements. Those damned, addicting achievements. We did dirty things for a quick fix. I played Rumble Roses XX. Others played Avatar: The Last Airbender. We wanted our easy Gamerpoints. What a difference a console generation makes."

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troylazlow1554d ago

I can say the deadline of the weekly challenges have had me coming back to the achievements. Also with some we have seen in game bonuses (XP boost, concept art, in game skins)this is a pretty interesting approach

UnHoly_One1554d ago

I like the concept of the challenges, but without them giving out any gamerscore it seems kind of odd.

Some of the challenges for DR3 unlocked in-game items, though, which was cool. (although it was stuff you could find in the game anyway)

troylazlow1552d ago

Christmas challenges are the only way to get the outfits

bitboi1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

there's an achievement for watching netfix [email protected][email protected]

ragincrinz1554d ago

there achievements on all apps there 0g though so not much point really, like 4od watch it for 44 hours and 44 minutes

ragincrinz1554d ago

this guy chats s**t, achievments on xbox one are the same and as easy as they are on 360. you just need to play the game to get most of them. he says he only had 300 from DR3 I finished the game with nearly all of them, he must of just run through and not done anything but story missions.

UnHoly_One1554d ago

The best achievements are the ones that have you doing things you would never do normally.

The "Pacifist" achievement from Geometry Wars was the first one I remember like that.

I like when they encourage you to "think outside the box" so to speak.