Comcept Addresses Mighty No. 9 Community Manager Outrage

"The higher-ups at Comcept have addressed some major issues surrounding their hiring of the game's community manager."

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GentlemenRUs1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

What is with all these Sexist people... I don't mind a female being the CM, Females understand problems more then males...

Females handle problems a lot better then some males out there...

cleft51702d ago

How about instead of making a sexist statement like that, you just say that as long as she does a good job that is all that matters.

Baka-akaB1702d ago

Not everyone trolled her .. apparently some had issues with her previous statement about how the game should be designed , well before she joined the team , and were afraid her sewed vision and agenda would be tentatively pushed

Nabbic1702d ago

This has nothing to do with sexism.
And if people and journalists actually researched into the matter, they'd see this goes far beyond that.

It's like what Heavy01 said meant nothing to anyone.

ScubbaSteve1702d ago

Some journalists aspired to inform the public of important world events. Gaming journalists aspire to tell you what 12/yo Timmy anonymously said in what is the equivalent of a YouTube comment.

LoaMcLoa1702d ago

"What is with all these Sexist people... "

"Females handle problems a lot better then some males out there..."

So much irony.

Back-to-Back1702d ago


How can you name yourself that after that statement? Maybe change your name to Random-WhiteKnight.

GentlemenRUs1702d ago

So much attacking on MY OPINION...

Gigaguy771702d ago

It's not an opinion when what you say is objectively wrong.

LaserEyeKitty1702d ago

I bet you would never dare tell a pedophile their opinion on having sex with children is wrong...right?

You may have an opinion, but you don't have the right to not have your opinion disputed. And if you really believe that no one can dispute anyone's opinion, the please do not dispute my opinion of saying that you're a moron.

Gigaguy771702d ago

This doesn't have anything to do with sexism, maybe you should do some research.

gideonreid1702d ago

The outrage isn't that it's a woman being the CM you dolt its that fact she has no experience in the position or with the history of the franchise and she has shown to be unable to deal with the community, if it was due to her being a woman then the boycott would've started right away due to Manami Matsumae being the composer but no she is experienced and has shown her worth previously. Dina has not and has now proven to be incompetent, stop pinning it all on MUH SEXISM when it is clearly not about gender

mediate-this1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

@gentleman way to be sexist there bub, your either a beta male or a female by the sound of your comment. Regardless of being female or not she will prove to be good or incompetent with her actions.

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MoveTheGlow1702d ago

The statement is great. Wouldn't expect any less from 8-4. Give them the 8-4 Bump, if not the benefit of the doubt on this one.

donwel1702d ago

I'd recommend the writer of the article actually research the issue instead of rushing to be the white knight, as not only does he not understand the backers concerns, but he also gets her name wrong (Dina, not Dino).
Also the fact that Manami Matsumae, who is female, a member of the localization team who is also female and nobody has any issue with these two. Yeah must be sexism /sarcasm.

MoveTheGlow1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

In many cases, you might say that she's being targeted more harshly because she's a woman - yes, she hasn't played much of Megaman, so she's some "fake gamer girl."

Not the case here, though. That same community saw MML3 crumble at the hands of a parent company making dumb decisions. They want everyone to be on board with Inafune's vision, and they don't want it to be compromised (even something as silly as "Girl Beck.") 8-4 basically reinforced that yes, it won't be compromised, and she's just a community manager, not a change agent. It's fine, but I get the extra fervor - it's not sexist in this particular case, it's protective of the IP they've invested in.

(Of course, there are a couple of bad apples saying gendered insults. They're bad apples, and hopefully they've been dealt with. Also, adding a Girl Beck as an extra won't hurt anyone, so there's that option. I don't think the trolls are regular 8-4 listeners...)

Back-to-Back1702d ago

Anita Snarkeesian's evil twin.

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