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Thehyph1678d ago

I like the LEGO games, but I'd only play them on my Vita.

That said, I got burned buying LEGO LOTR for Vita because I didn't do my research to know that it was a 3DS port.

LEGO Batman 2 on Vita was extremely fun. LEGO LOTR on Vita was an absolute mess.

This had better not be another 3DS port.

Beetey1678d ago

The problem wasn't simply that it was a 3DS port, but actually a DS port that was put on the Vita and 3DS, meaning they were getting shafted. Fortunately, it looks like there won't be a DS version this time so we might actually get a decent portable game.

I personally hope the 3DS gets its own version and the Vita gets the console game (like it should), but I have lost a lot of respect for the makers of these lego games in the past few years and don't expect this to happen

Drakesfortune1678d ago

enjoyed Lego pirates of the Caribbean on ps3....may rent this

XxGOWxX1678d ago

Lego games are great to play with your boy/girlfriends.

CyrusLemont1678d ago

Man I hope it's all 3 parts from the trilogy and not just the first two.