Metroid-Inspired Platformer ‘Reven’ Planned for Wii U Release

Varia Games has confirmed that ReVeN is being planned for a release on multiple platforms, including PC and Wii U. Described as a sci-fi shooter and 2D platformer game that’s heavily influenced by the Metroid series, ReVeN has players explore the caverns of an atmospheric and mysterious planet called XR-Keres. Players control SyRek, the last surviving autonomous android, who was adopted from a drone espionage program. SyRek can adapt to any combat situation using an energy divergence module and technological assimilation system. Click here to learn more about the project.

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BlackWolf1590d ago

Lovely!! It's been long since a 2d Metroid, maybe this will satiate my thirst. As I don't have a website, I could not post anything about this game. Hope the game gets on Wii U soon.

BlackWolf1590d ago

Edit: the only thing they need is someone who can make a more original design on the suit... it's a Samus Suit with a few retouches, basically.

Retroman1589d ago

if VAria games can make this why in heck NINTENDO slacking on Contra?? i wanna buy Wii-U not for smash bro. Donky kong only R-type,Gradius would be welcome.

BlackWolf1588d ago

Ummm... I don't think I've grasped what you are trying to say, but both Contra and Gradius are owned by Konami, so Nintendo has nothing to do with those...

Loadedklip1590d ago

Inspired? ... more like cheap knock off.

Killzoner991590d ago

It looks better than any Metroid game.

FANTA11801590d ago

sorry but super METROID looks like it play a million times better than this , and for the a new game the animations looks like trash ..

deafdani1590d ago

I was going to argue against your opinion, but then I saw your comment history and... wow, you're a sad, sad dude.


fossilfern1589d ago

"Official Reven Alpha Gameplay (Video 2) "

Are people that thick headed ? Anyway I look forward to seeing more of this, its a shame we have to rely on other people to make a Metroid-esk game instead of Nintendo themselves.

herbs1589d ago (Edited 1589d ago )

Lol someone who calls themselves Killzoner thinks a game with an all grey color palette looks good, it make sense...
(I know the new Killzone is actually colourful)

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Rubberlegs1590d ago (Edited 1590d ago )

Just so everyone knows these are only alpha play test levels and not part of the actual game. The development is still very early, they mention in the youtube comments its been worked for only three months so far. Animations and its art work are going to look different and better over time.

I'm always down for Metroid style game so I'm looking forward to this.

tehpees31590d ago

Its nice to see indies being so nice to Nintendo. They must really like Nintendo's policies.

Kamikaze1351590d ago

The background looks like it's part of the foreground @[email protected]

CandyFace1590d ago

I've been following the developers for quite some time now and this game is just getting better and better. Can't wait to see it release.

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The story is too old to be commented.