Puppeteer and Tearaway: drowned out by the mainstream

There’s a lot to talk about in games right now. The war between Call of Duty and Battlefield rages on, Grand Theft Auto V singlehandedly saved the UK games market, and then there’s something about a new generation of consoles invading the homes of gamers. Exciting times indeed, but lost amidst all this are two games that might have slipped under your radar this year, two games that are quite unlike anything you have ever played.

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pyramidshead1796d ago

Getting Puppeteer for Christmas hopefully. Amazing art direction, the demo weren't half bad either.

abzdine1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

i bought them both cause i am looking for creativity in first place, and that's the reason why PlayStation will always be the best.
no way i would prefer COD or BF to any other franchise.
But yeah, bad marketing from Sony who don't always trust their own product's success.. same goes to Sorcery, Medieval Moves and wonderbook.. Great experiences poorly put forward.
Remember Demon's Souls?? i'm glad it's not Sony who published it. and what happened?? they regret they didn't do it..

CocoWolfie1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Im getting tearaway for christmas ^-^ but yeah from what ive seen and heard theyre really really good sigh :/

abzdine1796d ago

Tearaway is sick.. my advice is you should play it with headphones. you would hear the paper sounds while walking. very nice!

kayoss1796d ago

Its on sale right now at gamestop for $19.99. I bought both when they came out and i have to tell you that its a very unique experience.
I bought two copies, one for wife and myself.

kayoss1796d ago

It saddens me to see innovative and unique games like this dont get the attention they deserve. This is one of the reasons why developers and publishers shy away from making and supporting unique games like this. Now a day, all gamers want to do is get the highest kill rate in FPS games. The market is saturated with shooters because unfortunately games like COD and Battlefield sell like hotcakes and games like Tearaway and Puppeteer get lost in the chaos.

Christopher1796d ago

Both need to come to PS4 for me to consider it right now. So, for me, just on the wrong platforms at the moment.

TheLastGuardian1795d ago

Trust me, you don't want to play Tearaway on anything but the Vita. I'm 99.9% positive it will never come to PS4.

TheLastGuardian1795d ago

Because you're supposed to be holding the world of Tearaway in your hands. Also the touchscreen and rear touchpad are a big part of the game.

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Game-ur1796d ago

Bad publishing from Sony, they are bad at building hype and releasing at a good time, do they think it is a simple matter of demoing the game at events and marking the releas date on the calender?

Sony should gauge the level of anticipation in the gaming community and if the response is not hot enogh they should take action to build up the anticipation, if gamers attention is focused elsewhere like it is now then they should delay the release a bit and pick a better time to restart the publicity campaign

Ubisoft delayed Watch Dogs becaus it felt the game can be more popular, gamers wer just fresh from playing GTA5 and the hype for WD colled down, now after some time has passed Watch Dogs is again the most wanted game proving Ubisoft right.

ZodTheRipper1796d ago

Very well written and as someone who is active in marketing I completely approve of this post. :)

r211796d ago

Agreed, when these games launched, there was little to none advertising before launch. Very disappointed. Such great games yet not great sales :L

Inception1796d ago

I agreed that Sony doesn't do much to promote Tearaway and Puppeteer. But even if Sony hype Tearaway and Puppeteer as much as they can, with the mentality of gamers right now, i think it still useless.

Just look at the most selling titles last month and we saw CoD, BF, Fifa, AC IV, Just Dance, Madden, or KZ in the list. All are FPS or yearly release.

So if the majority of gamers themself doesn't change and only pointed their fingers at video games companies about how bad they promoted the games, than gaming industry will not change. More and more amazing new IP's will get drowned by the mainstream in the future.

It's sad really, but that's the state of gaming industry right now. Companies doesn't want to take risk for new IP's because they scared that people will not buy it. On the other hand, the majority of consumers / gamers always demand new IP's from gaming companies. But when we look at the chart, they're still buying the same games for every f*kin year.

kayoss1796d ago

Sometime's we have to face the facts that games like this may not sell as well. Sure more exposure and advertisement from Sony would help, but the question becomes how much would it have sold more?
Unfortunately Puppeteer and Tearaway came out when the next gen was launching. People will buy what they deem is "fun". FPS games dominate last gen and most likely next gen as well.

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Moncole1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Puppeteer should have been a Vita exclusive while Tearaway is a good game its mistake was releasing on the same day as Super Mario 3D world and Zelda Link Between Worlds.

talocaca1796d ago

I'm currently playing both :\ they are great games...specially Tearaway.

I'm not sure how much they are selling, but I know that many of those must be from PSN, therefore hard to track.

Marketing can be blamed a little....but a market that relies on sequels and shooters can be blamed a lot.

Inception1796d ago

"but a market that relies on sequels and shooters can be blamed a lot."

This. Can't agree more with you mate.

TheEnigma3131796d ago

You can get tearaway right now at gamestop for $20. I going to pick it up today. That game looks sick.

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