Andrew House Is Feeling Pretty Great About the PlayStation 4's Launch

Push Square: "While he certainly doesn't have the relatable charm of Shuhei Yoshida or the brazen showmanship of Jack Tretton, Andrew House is slowly joining the newly evolved breed of recognizable and lovable Sony figureheads. Perhaps indulging in a few more blatant jabs at the opposition – like this memorable humdinger from GamesCom – would see him carve a more sizeable hole into our collective consciousness. Whatever the case, a recent interview with the SCE president reveals that he's feeling pretty chuffed about the PlayStation 4's launch."

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MasterCornholio1585d ago

They are doing great and I hope the positive trend continues for the PS4 and I hope Nintendo does better with the Wii U.

solidboss071585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

I am a Sony fan boy, but I am tired of hearing this crap now. Great launch means nothing if great games don't appear in the next year or two. When they do appear then we can all reflect on a great effort from back when.?
I know they will, as GT6 is in my PS3 right now, replacing TLOU, but enough already.

PS4 is great. Now get to work.

BOLO1584d ago

"I am a Sony fan boy"...Oh rly?

BanginBiscuitz1585d ago

Sadly this great launch is not in the same boat of a "great game Lineup" Sony really needs to do something about this. Literally Infamous is coming out and thats about it. Uncharted and 1888 wont be coming out until 2015. This could spell serious trouble for PS4. X1 has a lot on the boat coming 2015 and 2015 beyond. Sony needs to step it up with the AAA games or they could really be in deep waters.

Baka-akaB1585d ago

Come on ... that would be like me pretending the XB1 got titan fall the same month , then nothing till 2015 . There isnt even a set date for Quantum Break .

We are still waiting for official conformation about Driveclub in fev , so let's exclude that ... but there is still Yakuza Ishin , for japan and importers that's a rather major franchise .

Then comes also Final Fantasy XIV in April , dynasty warriors 8 ..

Not caring for those games wont mean they still dont exist . Likewise for the upcoming XB1 titles .. and of course multiplatform stuff

Veritas57841585d ago

Lets put "The Show" in Spring!!...

porkChop1585d ago

Actually The Order is targeting a fall 2014 release, and Uncharted could very likely release next year. Remember, it's been 2 years since Uncharted 3. TLOU was developed by a separate team, so the Uncharted guys have been working on this game for potentially 2 years already. And We already know that Sony has a bunch of unannounced 1st party games coming out next year.

GarrusVakarian1585d ago (Edited 1585d ago )

" Literally Infamous is coming out and that's about it. "

Please don't comment if you have no idea what you are talking about.


Infamous SS
The Order 1886
Deep Down
Yet to be announced 1st party games that are releasing in 2014.
Then there's every multiplat, all of which will look and run better on PS4.
Add to that tons of great indie titles.

2014 is a GREAT year for PS4.

Your post is 100% false. Stop stealth trolling (which looking at your comment history is all you do), they aren't in "deep waters"...we all know no one brings the goods like Sony does...did you just forget all the 1st party studios who are currently working on their projects? Did you just forget that THIS YEAR alone there have been more PS3 exclusives than the 360 has had since 2010?

Majin-vegeta1585d ago

You really have no idea what you're talking about huh??Seems like you know every game that is coming out next year.Please do tell us more oh great and wise noble one /S.

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Aleithian1585d ago

No console will ever have a launch lineup that satisfies everyone. As far as console launches go, this has been great: well priced, enjoyable games, good supply, low failure rate, lots of hype, lots of satisfied fans. I really don't know what Sony could have done better. It's been an all-round great experience. Sony should be very happy.