Tales Of Graces F Battle Programmer Working On New Tales of Zestiria

Tatsuro Udo, Tales Of Graces F battle programmer is working on the new Tales Of Zestiria, Hideo Baba confirmed during a recent signing session.

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Ruggadagod1823d ago

Tales of Graces F battle system is the best in the franchise. So so good. Now if only the franchise had better dungeons.

ShinnokDrako1823d ago

Perfect, i miss that system. Xillia is not so bad, but if i had to choose, Graces F > Xillia. I'd like to try Xillia 2 tho, i heard the system is a bit different there.

TetsujinFranky1823d ago

Xillia II's system is way better than the first Xillia. It has the same weakness system, sidestepping, guard charging, decreased spell charging time when spells are performed after a few artes from Tales Of Graces F and a lot of other interesting stuff. I personally don't think it's as good as Graces F but it's really, really close to it.

MightyNoX1823d ago

Good to hear. Graces definitely has the better Battle system.