Xbox One Game of the Year 2013 Winner

GameSpot: The best game on the latest next-gen console.

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BALLBAGS1585d ago

how can Xbox One or ps4 have a game of the 'year'??? the consoles have been out a month, or am I missing something?

hazardman1585d ago

It makes me think twice about Gamespot. Probably only gamesite spewing this garbage...GoY after one month, come on now!

slimeybrainboy1585d ago

PS4/XB1 GOTY makes sense. It's of 2013, the calender year.

Games that come out in November are still up for GOTY, I get that you dont have a full year's worth of games, but they just mean next gen game of 2013.

It's most likely because they don't want to completely ignore next gen in their awards. And if they had these launch games in the 2014 GOTY awards you would be back out here moaning "that game technically wasnt out this year!"

Jesus Christ it's just an award, and it make you think twice about Gamespot. Some people are so negative, there's nothing to complain about.

Godmars2901585d ago

because Gamespot need hits and this is as good an excuse as any?

hazardman1585d ago

A bit premature dont you think? Xbox One and PS4 have no game of the year contenders. Ask the same ? same time next yr.

Fishy Fingers1585d ago

Personally, my favourite next gen title thus far is a pretty simple choice, Battlefield 4. Admittedly I'm an FPS guy, but issues aside, it's the game that's eaten up most of my time.

Septic1585d ago

Same here. Loving the game a lot. The issues need to be sorted out though. The tension you have everytime you're having a great game and praying that it won't crash on you....its just not acceptable.

Volkama1585d ago

That would suck. Makes me glad I'm still terrible at the game :)

kewlkat0071585d ago

This must be GOTY for the hardcore gamer..

BelkingOfSony1585d ago

it hasn't even been a month and yet game sites are declaring the game of the 'year' for the next gen consoles. smh.

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The story is too old to be commented.