Four Have Reached Level 100 on PlayStation Network

Hakoom, one of the more prolific and visible trophy hunters in the PlayStation Network, just broke through to level 100—a rank that requires a user to win some 30,000 trophies.

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dieforgame1702d ago

Level 13 for me, I only play a game all the way through to platinum if I really enjoy it or if I'm so close I might as well.

I have 5 platinum to my name so far and I only had to push myself to play games I was enjoying anyhow.

I'd love to platinum Gran turismo 5 but I'm just not that good and I just don't have that time.

lnvisibleMan1702d ago

Tried to platinum GT5, completed every special event except GT5 Grand Tour Eiger Nordwand. Finger crossed and hopefully one day I'll beat it.

abzdine1702d ago

level 19 and 36platinums
i haven't got platinums for like 2 years i don't even remember what my last one was.. TOO many games to play at once.

Ares84HU1702d ago

42 platinums here. I got guys on my buddy list with 150+ platinums.

If you reach level 100 on PSN that is proof that you have no life and no girlfriend/wife.

Seriously, I think I play too much, let alone those people.

GrizzliS19871702d ago

level 13, not a single platinum :X never hunted a single trophy, i just play games through and whatever i got i got, moved on to the next game :/

collecting them kinda geeky imo

SniperControl1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Level 12, not in the least interested in trophies, I may play a game once or twice. But there is no way I am going around looking for stuff that does not effect the overall story.

Maybe if they gave you say £3 for a platinum and you could put that towards a game on PSN, that might change my mind towards trophies.

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ElementX1702d ago

I don't have any platinum trophies. If I collect some along the way, that's cool but I don't usually go out of my way to get any.

Hellsvacancy1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

I have, games like Fallout 3 need that platinum, I wanted to get as much out of that game as I could, same goes for Demon'/Dark Souls, I just wanted to keep on playing

Mafia 2 on the other hand doesn't, I only need one trophy to platinum that, no way am I prepared to drive around the entire city looking for wanted posters (even with a guide)

I'd like to platinum Terraria, but i'm not going to spend countless hours farming the 6 pets you can get in the game

GamersRulz1702d ago


Trophies has little meaning to me, I'm not competitive either. that's why I rarely touch multiplayer of any game.

GarrusVakarian1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

I wonder what level 100 would be equivalent too when compared with Xbox achievements. I would be interested to know what my 103k gamerscore would be in trophy level.

Catoplepas1702d ago

103,000 is equal to level 22 - 87%.

I can't be bothered to calculate level 100.

dantesparda1702d ago

How do you know that? What the calculation?

GameSpawn1702d ago

It's in the story:

"As Hakoom pointed out on Twitter, 180 points are given for a platinum trophy (won by earning all trophies offered by a game), 90 for each gold trophy, 30 for a silver and 15 for a bronze. It takes 880,000 points to get to level 100. Hakoom says it took 1,900 days—more than five years—for him to pull this off. That’s a lot of gaming."

So with point values: 880,000 Points.

This is still not a direct 1-to-1 comparison as Xbox doesn't have Platinums; so max Gamerscore of one game does not always equate to max Trophy value (including the Platinum) of the same game on the PS3/PS4. This is more of a general guideline.

dannphou1702d ago

So close to platinuming BF4 on PS4, but getting the M1911 is hard work...

dericb111702d ago

I know one guy who got the BF4 platinum which is weird considering everyone saying the game is unplayable online. I got the Resogun platinum myself.

PSN:ErazerSe7en if you want to check.

MegaRay1702d ago

You can do it, I know you can, just believe in yourself

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