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Anthony Richardson - "As the credits roll signalling the end of the ‘story’ mode of Call of Duty Ghosts, I sit in my living room thinking about whether I want to eat pulled pork or bourbon brisket for dinner. I’ve immediately forgotten everything I’ve just done in the game, and even a ‘surprise’ post credits scene teasing a sequel doesn’t stir a single joule of excitement within me. I’m now left with the difficult duty of explaining the schizophrenic experience that is Call of Duty Ghosts to you."

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Shadonic1554d ago

that campaign was 99% generic saw it comeing story 1% water cooler moments which is the only reason why fans put the campaign up so high.

Iltapalanyymi1554d ago

Top kek. COD kiddies please note: your "GAME" is pure shit.
Greetings from /v/
Cuz why not.

Skizelli1554d ago (Edited 1554d ago )

Speaking of pure shit, you do know that 4chan is the internet's asshole, right?

Oh, and I agree with you. I have no desire to play a COD ever again. Once a year is too much.

ravinash1554d ago

Once a year would be fine if they were adding something....but if it's just the same game with a new lick of paint then no thank you.

Skizelli1554d ago

They're obviously adding enough to keep the diehards happy, else it wouldn't sell millions every year. I just want that feeling COD4 gave me when it was announced. Something completely new. At this point, I'd settle for WWII again.

gnothe11554d ago

Cod ghost is the best COD in the last few years..better than mw3 an both black ops I'm actually having a really good time with the game. .a 4.5 its not..

KrystofKage1554d ago

Glad you're having fun, but I found it the worst since COD3.

Single player campaign is a huge step back from BLOPS2 in terms of story and gameplay. Multiplayer is a mess with horrible spawn locations and insta kills.

Infinity Ward should hand the series over to Treyarch, they've released the better game over the past few years.

Shadonic1554d ago

its not the best. The game is full of BS moments the camp friendly abilities are BS. All the maps are pretty crappy. They made the maps larger and somehow managed to screw up spawning. Extinction is going to be a huge to money grab as they force you to buy the 20$ DLC even though your aiming for the one thing you enjoy. There honestly like the cable company off of South Park but instead of the customers getting mad when there being screwed over you guys accept it. Yes I understand that every COD isn't going to be perfect but to accept this over the past iterations as an improvement is maddening.

Morgue1554d ago

I thought 4.5 was how many hours the game was. /s