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Killzone Shadow Fall Review (MasonicGamer)

MasonicGamer: The PlayStation 4 is here and so is ‘GRAPHICS The Game’ or as Sony prefers to call it, Killzone Shadow Fall… more like Shadow Flop. Yes I hate to the bearer of bad news but Killzone Shadow Fall is a major disappointment on all fronts, even if you’re coming into it with low expectations expectations. It will no doubt be remembered years from now as an early generation fail, the PlayStation 4′s very own Perfect Dark Zero.

Killzone Shadow Fall was first revealed earlier this year and soon became the PlayStation 4′s “killer app”, a game designed to show off what the PlayStation 4 could do and on that regard, it gets the job done. Sadly no one told Guerrilla Games that not everyone jerks off to pretty visuals and some of us like our games to have a little substance. (Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4) 5/10

IanVanCheese  +   525d ago
low expectations expectations? How did this get approved lol?
coolbeans  +   525d ago
Maybe Jimmy Two Times decided to write a review. (I'm gonna go get the papers, get the papers.) :P

"It will no doubt be remembered years from now as an early generation fail, the PlayStation 4′s very own Perfect Dark Zero."

I had a great time with PDZ so that doesn't sound too bad.
Septic  +   524d ago
"It will no doubt be remembered years from now as an early generation fail, the PlayStation 4′s very own Perfect Dark Zero."

I was actually thinking along the same lines. Killzone did remind me of PDZ and its shortcomings.
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Yourpapa  +   525d ago
Uuuuuuh ooouuuuuuch.
Charybdis  +   524d ago
Its a good game it could have been better but common a 5. It has better graphics than previous kill-zone and offers new game play opportunities with the owl should have been a 7-8.
SG1_dapunisherX  +   525d ago
kzsf is 8.5 for me, but the online is top notch
dodo101  +   525d ago
yes it's indeed great!
I have no idea how this game is being rated so low.
Sp not so far in but so far great.
Mp almost 90 hours played so far that says alot
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JackISbacK  +   525d ago
not 8.5 but will be better to give 7.5 or if you want realy less then its 7 ,yeah mp is realy good but still not very innovative or new but is executed welll and especia;y its map and its design which realy give rise to may ideas and give room for good decisions ,but campaign is realy bad ,if this game never had the mp than it may have been 5 from me ,same goes for bf4 campaign and 7 for cod ghost campaign ,but i can easily give 4 for its graphics and 1 for its gameplay,because stealth is realy bad and shooting stuff is realy boring becasue of realy bad AI and throught the game at most points you will find only 4 to 7 enenemy at one at screes or many a time 2 enemys at once which is realy bad.
mayberry  +   524d ago
MP is BOSS! Untouchable! You know if you played it...
vikingland1  +   525d ago
Gamespot review says it's a great game. I haven't played it yet. But I'm thinking about getting it. This review seems too low according to my research.
Neonridr  +   525d ago
Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. You can't expect everyone to like the game...

That being said, play the game for yourself and make up your own mind. Regardless of what others say.
stevehyphen  +   525d ago
If you're more interested in the multiplayer aspect, then you may want to wait for the free multiplayer on the 28th-29th.

Everyone has differing opinions on the game, but it's almost safe to assume that the multiplayer is the better portion of the game.

I'm having a hard time getting through the single player campaign. It's really all over the place. Going from mission to mission is drastically different. From a mission that encourages stealth, to a mission where you're on a creepy ghost ship, to a mindless killing mission. Throw in some random jump puzzling and whatnot.

Maybe it was expectations on my part, but the single player didn't make the grade. I think Mercenary did the non-linear missions a bit better, and I preferred both KZ2 and KZ3 for the linear stuff. YMMV though.

Aside: The single player looks absolutely gorgeous. It looks next gen. I have CoD: Ghosts as well, and that game did not look anywhere near as next gen, ever.
Ju  +   524d ago
That's called "variety". Maybe I am the only one who's actually glad a game designer is capable of designing a game like that. It's a shame that gamers are becoming too dump to adjust these days.
stevehyphen  +   524d ago
I dig variety, but variety should not be at odds with fun.

The first word that comes to mind in regards to my experience with the campaign is 'bland.'

There's a variety of missions that do not seem to be fleshed out. It feels like this game tried to cover as many bases as possible without truly covering any of them.

A variety of bland experiences still makes a bland whole.

I've played every Killzone save the PSP one, and the story of each and every one is pretty bland. I'm not knocking the devs. I, truly, believe that GG can make a great game. The problem lies in the KZ universe. It's uninspired.

Try not to be so dismissive. Most gamers like variety. That's why we buy multiple games. The problem in this case was one game going for too much variety and not realizing most of it.
JackISbacK  +   524d ago
from gamespot its 7 and the game is still not that bad you sill can have fun playing its amazing mp if you like playing online and its ok if you want to show off with its graphics but think 1000 times before buying it solely for SP ,if you dont like online matches dont go for it,buying cod ghost will still be a goood choice for campaign ,why dont you go for ac black flag it is having great campaign and awesome multiplayer.
Fishy Fingers  +   525d ago
Haha, I get that a review is merely some dudes opinion. But my god, what a drama queen. Less dramatics next time please.
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TheBrownBandito  +   525d ago
Review? Seen more balance in half a seesaw.
Pintheshadows  +   524d ago
I've seen more balance in a 2 legged dog.
Duke19  +   525d ago
I feel like more and more of these launch reviews are posting scores for shock value/page visits then actually rating the game.

I agree with alot of his points, but 5/10 sounds like an "avoid at all costs" which at least to me is way off. Yeah the story is flat, but the gameplay is solid and overall was a pretty enjoyable game.
GundalfDeGrej  +   525d ago
...and some would call 5/10 "average". Hence why reviewscores are generally a bad idea.

I think the game seems alright. It could very well be the best next-gen game so far but that doesn't say much considering most next-gen games are getting pretty underwhelming reviews. If I had a ps4 I'd probably buy it simply because there's nothing else to buy.
fpshooter2  +   525d ago
Im having a blast playing killzone! Ive been playing since launch and I think its awesome. 5 just seems a bit ridiculous to me but everyone has an opinion. The story was pretty good but the multiplayer is fun as hell. My favorite map is "the wall"
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DinoNYC  +   525d ago
We got a Diva here.
InTheLab  +   525d ago
Hits: The Review
Volkama  +   525d ago
Wow that's some childish writing. "ber more like Shadow Flop!!1". Really?

Kind of off-topic, I thought Perfect Dark Zero had some nice ideas, at least for the multiplayer side of it. But then I like my games to have enemies I can see, rather than enemies in camouflage that have a "bad guy" interface mark above their head.
HaveAsandwich  +   525d ago
i only played mp for about an hour at a friends, but i would play it more. i'll buy when its maybe 30 bucks. maybe get it used.
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mhunterjr  +   525d ago
Haven't played it yet but this article seems a bit harsh. I do share some of his concerns based on videos I've seen on the game, but i almost felt like he was bashing it for being an FPS.

Is it true that the MP lobbies are pretty empty? It would be a shame of TDM is where everyone gravitates, because the other game modes seem very interesting.
Nicaragua  +   525d ago
Multiplayer lobbies seem pretty full to me. In fact its usually a bit of a pain trying to join my friends because they game they are in is full.
mhunterjr  +   525d ago
I figured as much... This is the top selling next gen exclusive after all... What about the game types though? Is everyone flocking to team death match? Or are the other game types well represented as well?
Nicaragua  +   524d ago
I don't really play Team Deathmatch so my comment is in regards to the Warzone game modes.
Budobear  +   525d ago
From what I've played of the multi player there are a lot more people on than stated.
Warzone is the most popular choice, which is good game type with changing objectives throughout the match. My only gipe is not many of the rounds are used, which leaves the games feeling a little short.

I think the multi-player side of things is great, really good customisation options and the weapons still have a 'weight' to them.
The single player is enjoyable, its not great but then its a game so I don't expect anything spectacular. The graphics on the other hand are outstanding, and for one section just made me think of Bladerunner!
CrustifiedDibbs  +   524d ago
"From what I've played of the multi player there are a lot more people on than stated.
Warzone is the most popular choice,"

im not sure how you can flat out lie and get agrees. tdm has the most people playing, and the mp has not had more the 2000 people online at once. NOTHING this guy said in reference to the community was false.

can you people not read? the amount of players in a gametype is right there for all to see.

since people are in denial, here is a shot of the active players.


par for the course for kz games. lots of bragging about graphics, and people saying the mp is the best fps mp out there, but no one actually plays mp when its time.

i have enjoyed every kz since 2, but they all have mps that die off in a couple of months after being hyped for a year. its a shame, and says a lot about fanboys in general.
Lazarus69  +   524d ago
You are wrong about the amount of players i.ve been on and seen over 3000 players.Also Whilst TDM is the most popular you have Warzone and Classic Warzone.Which when combined have as many or more players.
#12.1.1 (Edited 524d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
CrustifiedDibbs  +   524d ago
whatever. im not lying. have no reason to. i want more people to play.
#12.1.2 (Edited 524d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report
Boody-Bandit  +   524d ago
Sure you do. Its called an agenda.
CrustifiedDibbs  +   524d ago
what exactly is my agenda? i only want more people to play. you people say im lying, and then do nothing to back it up lol.

i never once said the mp was bad, just that the community is lacking. WHICH IS TRUE!!! same for every kz over the last generation.

its ok, you people can deny facts all you want. wont change the truth. its like arguing with a fucking brick wall.
#12.1.4 (Edited 524d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report
Boody-Bandit  +   524d ago
I'm not bilingual
gobluesamg  +   525d ago
Masonicgamer. More like masonicdouche. Good game with really good multiplayer. 8/10.
Ma1nframe  +   525d ago
LMFAO I never click these links but 5/10 CMON wtf?
your saying KNACK is better then Killzone: Shadow Fall?

LOL some sites just post low scores on purpose to drive traffic. Don't fall for it N4G'ers.

what a joke!
joeorc  +   524d ago
The Last of Us Review (8.5/10) reviewed by Xav - Posted in PS3
God of War Ascension PS3 Review (7/10) Xav - Posted in PS3

so by Xav STANDARDS, kILLZONE:SF is less than



in game play?


Even this scores Higher than Killzone" SF


In other words Xav you are giving GG a failing grade can Have an opinion, but its very clear no matter what they would have done you would never have liked the game anyway.


its very clear what type of games your really like, and other's you really do not care about.

the fact you even put this in your comment section:

"Kill waves of Helghast –> Push switch –> Run to way point marker –> Kill more waves of Helghast –> Push another switch –> Kill more Helghast"

Here let me help you:


jump>duck>climb>race to finish get some rings or coins rinse and repeat on each and every level. now board #2,3,4,5,6,7,8 hey rescue princess peach. does that sound anymore dynamic? there is thing's that you can say about any game. about How freaking Generic they all are. pointing it out is pretty much d@mn site moot, because very few game design dynamic's have changed to offer something that changes what functions thay have added that really are new. trying to imply somehow some way that its "just more of the same" shows just how trite some people have become.

Anyone can be snarky, Some just get paid to do it it seems.

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Nicaragua  +   524d ago
I doubt very much that they get paid to write reviews. Masonic Gamer looks very much like an average internet attempt at journalism.
joeorc  +   524d ago

"I doubt very much that they get paid to write reviews. Masonic Gamer looks very much like an average internet attempt at journalism."

You can bet they are getting something out of it they may just have an one or more affiliate programs. but still they most likely are getting something out of it.

Oh as a matter of fact:


Grin, well you have to start from some where
Ryutamashiisan  +   524d ago
KZ SF deserves at least an 8 for MP alone, its really quite good, especially in a party is its SO much better in a party. I cant wait to see what gets added to the game over time
PS3and4_HAS_GAMES  +   524d ago
Nobody will take this score serious. I played it and it's nowhere near a 5..the game is amazing and isn't it one of the best selling next gen games out
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JasonBloodbourne  +   524d ago
never trust a freemason!! dodgy handshake brigade! nuff said
iistuii  +   524d ago
I thought it was average at best. Dull, forced myself to finish it. The last two on PS3 were a lot better than this.
Mexxan  +   524d ago
Poor review - needs to get back to NWO and leave gaming wee alone.
mayberry  +   524d ago
KS:sf is outstanding in sports gameplay and stellar in mp! Review is a joke! Anyone who has leveled up a class to the max knows what im saying is true. The maps alone are better than anything out now or before it.
Silly gameAr  +   524d ago
Sounds like a kid that comments on N4G decided to try to review a game like a big boy but failed. Terrible review.
KratosSaveUs  +   524d ago
Oh its hard and it takes actual skill to play and its different from cod so it sucks.-stupid reviewers.

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