Gran Turismo 6 vs. Real Life: Brands Hatch Video

A recent video compares the virtual and real versions of U.K. track.

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Septic1824d ago

Some of the bottom scenes looked so real I had to look at the top one to realise which was the one in real life. Very nice

abzdine1824d ago

i am playing GT5 these days cause i haven't had the chance to play it as i did with the older ones, loving it and really
Gonna finish the A-spec and seasonal events before i get GT6.
check this out:

solidboss071824d ago


As somebody who got GT4, GT5, and GT6 at launch my advice would be trade in GT5 and get the new game. It is better, but on the same hardware. Pointless going through both at this late stage. And the online community will be migrating over.
If you were just going to stick with 5 I would recommend it, I enjoyed it, but you want 6!

abzdine1824d ago

yeah man i think you are right, but i still wanna play A-spec done in GT5 before i get the new one.
i saw there is a nice upgrade in graphical details and physics and i'm looking forward to that.
Do you know if it's possible to transfer the garage from GT5 to GT6 like GT PSP and GT5?

aaron58291824d ago


No.. it's impossible to transfer cars from gt5 to gt6...

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PhoenixReborn1824d ago

I found this video and it compares Forza 5, DRIVECLUB and Project CARS to each other then compares it to real life images.

Hellsvacancy1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

Forza 5, Driveclub and Project Cars are all current gen games, GT6 is last gen, and it still holds up

I still won't buy/play it

PhoenixReborn1824d ago

You're right.
it's just so weird to think that GT6 is last gen.
Time flies man.

solidboss071824d ago

As I play GT6 I don't think 'f*ck, this is a last gen effort'.

kayoss1824d ago

When i play GT5 I always think [email protected]#K Why cant I gold this damn thing!

I have GT6 still wrapped in the box right now. I'm trying to finish GT5 before moving forward. However I've been playing GT5 since it came out and I'm only at 60% completion rate. Talk about getting your money's worth for a game.

aaron58291824d ago

GT6 tests are much easier in my opinion.

Fishy Fingers1824d ago

Not to shabby when you consider the age of the hardware. Although I'm not sure how much of an improvement over GT5 it is.

lociefer1824d ago

real life has aliaising , and needs a v-sync, ps3 wins

clmstr1824d ago

It's amazing that if you add some shaking camera effect to the GT6 footage it could easily be taken for the real thing.

abzdine1824d ago

in GT6 the camera is FIXED to the car.
FIX the cam to the real life car you'll get exactly same result.
that's the difference

GameSpawn1824d ago

Actually the camera probably was fixed to the real car. It could have just been a crappy camera or the mount didn't have very good isolation and all the road and engine vibration was carried through to the camera.

I've seen GoPros that were properly attached to cars that had much better footage than this. Not to say this couldn't have been shot with a GoPro, if it was it was improperly attached to the car.

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