Wait for 6 months to compare Nintendo Wii U sales with PS4 and Xbox One: Analyst

A good comparison on Nintendo's Wii U vs Sony PS4 and Microsoft Xbox One sale.

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Kingthrash3601592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

Lol ok.
The hype is too large for ps4 and to a lesser degree x1
Compare them after six months...ok but its clear the wiiu needs more than a couple games to compete.
Note..i know Nintendo fans will hate my comment and disagrees will fill my comment but hey, people just aren't digging the wiiu like they did the wii.
The wii sold 100,000,000 systems. Resounding success! But the wii u will be like the gc a fail. its Nintendos fault, they had a year to get it right...they didnt now they will not see the same success, in six months time both the x1 and ps4 will out sell the wiiu..while ssb and mario cart come out, so will infamous, titan fall, watchdogs, driveclub. Not to mention the unannounced games coming in six months...i love nintendo but they made their bed..time to lay in it.

stuna11592d ago

You are right, your disagrees are incoming. There's just no reasoning with the fans of the system, even though the evidence is right before their eyes! Why Nintendo would wait to start selling what the benefits of having WII U are at the last moment is beyond me? Perhaps they thought the next gen consoles would be all hype, no substance!? What ever the case may be, if they don't get a handle on the situation, the PS4 and Xbox1 will have equal consoles in peoples hands as the WII U before the year is out! Especially if they continue to sell at the rate they are selling.

XisThatKid1591d ago

Ok lets compare sales when Wii U is eclipsed by the actual competing consoles....

wonderfulmonkeyman1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

If you get any disagrees, it's because you went out of your way to do the same thing to the Wii U that Sony-haters did with the PS3's rocky start; trying to count it out early, before it was even half way through the 5 to 6 year console cycle, while downplaying good games coming to it.

You're calling it dead before it's even got a single foot in the grave.

Kingthrash3601592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

im not calling it calling it how i see it. there is absolutely no hype for the wiiu. upcoming games...i know of its upcoming games and they are great games...but its too late. they should have grabbed buyers while it was the only next gen console..nintendo fans have left them too...100,000,000 people own a wii where are they?
i dont care about the "war"
i dont care who sells more.
i care about games, and so far nintendo has failed on games.
theyve always been just about their first party games and look they havent delivered even that. they waited or they rushed the wiiu out too soon and had no games ready in the near future at the time of release. the new gen is here now..stronger consoles, better features, new gaming experiences, new gaming ip's like titan fall and the order.
whats nintendo got comeing? same [email protected] mario, zelda, smash brothers....when is zelda coming out?...when is metroid coming? its been almost two sign of metroid, no sign of zelda...only what? cranky kong...smh just unappealing...ill just boot up my 3ds its finally got a new metriod tho...smh wtf. oh and smash bros not coming in spring so no comp for ps4/x1s games titan and infamous.. nintendos only strength is its games...and they not puttin them out to compete.

wonderfulmonkeyman1592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

@ King:

So first you make a point of using unannounced titles as a strong point of the other two systems, and now you entirely ignore it when it comes to the Wii U?
How is that fair, again?
You know of upcoming games THAT THEY'VE ANNOUNCED.
That's not the same thing as them having no interesting unannounced games.
It's a strong point for all the systems; unknown wild cards should always be taken into consideration.

Also, downplaying the games that ARE coming out with the excuse of it being "same old shit"?
How many comparisons do we have to draw between driveclub, Project Cars, and Need For Speed being so similar in feel despite their different[or new] names, not to mention all the other third party FRANCHISES that have been getting sequels, and ARE GETTING sequels, in the near future, before people stop trying to use "the same old shit" excuse as an insult towards NINTENDO ONLY?

Rehashing core mechanics/how games in certain genres feel, for new IP's, and making new entries in old IP's, is something the whole industry does.

If it's a negative for Nintendo, it's a negative for everyone else pulling it off, too.

Double standards won't fly anymore; it's all or nothing on the topic of "same shit".

I'm sorry, but "How you see it" sounds distinctly the same as "Dead with absolutely 100% no chance of ever getting anything that will help it recover."

The only point I'll give you is that, yes, Nintendo DOES have a horrendous habit of waiting WAY TOO LONG to announce their upcoming games.

Thankfully there are now Nintendo Directs around to supply a venue to fix that problem.
Now they just need to pull their heads out of the sand far enough to actually abuse that venue.

Beastforlifenoob1591d ago

The ps3 was a powerful truly next gen console state of the art at the time. The 1 biggest issue was price (as it had lost 1 year).
Because it was so expensive no one wanted to buy it and therfore less investment was put on making games which lead to the drought (however this was easy to fix: price cut and good 1st aprty then BAM ps3 starts smashing).

the wii u on the other hand biggest problem is not the pricing its the hardware and design, its cheap and uncompetitive hardware specifications coupled with the controller not many people fancy. It's not so easy to fix those things. It also recieves lackluster 3rd party support.

The WII U is a bad device and thats why it doesnt sell... THe ps3 on the other hand was too expensive and this is way (this is also what lead to the drought of games)

So you can clearly see the WIIU's problem: Impossible to fix without a new console.

Ps3's problem:
Can be fixed without new hardware.

C'MON NINTENDO fanboys disagree with me all you want i know I will probably get 1 agree and 10 disagrees but it doesnt add much to your case.

BullyMangler1592d ago

are u on Tylenol?

the only reason the ps4 sold so many copies is because of the number 4 at the end of PlayStation < fact

"the wiiU is just a peripheral" is what most think.

and i'm loving how underground and how bad ass a wiiU gamepad is online etc . imagine once the pad goes cLoud . tsssss

. .
this article and you guys with the sales of things .

knack for the ps4 outsold the best nextGen game out there, Super mario world 3D land for wiiU.

according to reviewers, super mario 3D Land for wiiU is more nextGen than anything found on ps4 x1. and according to reviewers knack game is goober .

this knack and mario "sales" occurrence proves that sales is not an accurate representation of somethings QUALITY . nor does something that sells more indicate that something has more sKILLS, TALENT etc .

thanks to knack now we know that stronger sales does not mean something is more "better" ha haa .

like justin bieber out selling pac and Biggie .

justin biebers bigger sales mean he has more skills more authority more talent than biggie and pac? just because justin broke their sales charts records this means justin is a more talented individual . . :/

they say knack is whack < not a well made game . . . . very low quality . . for the ps4 .

now is schmack for the ps4 funner more challenging more inventive than Mario 3D World for the wiiU just because it sold more ? ha haaa

dont let the sales of things push your ego . . you must awaken from this silly "sales" trap . .

what determines a videogames glory is not sales, what determines a gaming companies position its the gaming comfort, the gameplay, the grafix, the immersion of it all . .not sales <<<


Now please understand ..

We are all living in Nintendos land

. sony PC and MicroSOFT are the guests

Kingthrash3601592d ago (Edited 1592d ago )

lol see.
nintendo has great games i never said otherwise.
i was just commenting about this article. this article is talking sales. everything you just typed is off topic.
all gaming systems are great all have great games...but wiiu has the least appeal. u can have monster games but if you dont appeal to people it wont sell.
what makes ps4 appealing? the price, the power, the controller, and the sony owned dev companies like ssm,nd,sjp, etc
whats appealing about x1? kinect, tv, snap, skype, and games like halo & titanfall
nintendos appeal?...same as any nintendo system ..its 1st party games, and maybe the controller. (though parents arent liking it because they think the kids will break it and old people who bought a wii think its just too complicated) thing is the games have been few and far between. its been over a year and what did they give gamers? pikman, mario 3d...ummmm thats about it. no zelda, no metroid has been spoken of, no mario kart, no smash brothers, just nothing. i mean why even launch a system if you had no games in the near future? also nothing screams next gen...mario3d looks like it could have been done on the wii...mario galaxy was a upgrade from mario sunshine...mario 3d isnt.

we can argue all day but numbers dont lie. ignore them if you want, but we never imagined sonic on a nintendo console ....look where he is now...why because dem numbers. if nintendo didnt have handhelds the wii or dare i say gc would have been nintendos last console. the wiiu looks to be nintendos sega saturn,i just hope its not to turn into the dreamcast. (the dreamcast is awsome btw..i still love that console) i love nintendo and hope for the best...but numbers dont lie and all good things come to an end.

sprinterboy1592d ago


Knack is great and lots of replay value, you might want to play it before shooting your mouth off

Walker1592d ago

Agreed, the gap will be huge between PS4 and Xbone sales in the future.

JackieCruise691592d ago

I don't see what the point of comparisons are in the gaming community anymore. It's pretty much just a way for Gamers to shove in each others faces- "OOH LOOK HOW MUCH MORE DIS SYSTEM SOLD HAHAHA UR SYSTEM SUCKS"

R00bot1592d ago

I don't care if the Wii U fails horribly as long as I get the games I love.

SG1_dapunisherX1592d ago

before the 6 month ps4 and xbox should pass wii u sales

wonderfulmonkeyman1592d ago

And if for some strange reason they don't, the fanboy wars will take another turn into "downplay alley", with excuses flying left and right to try and belittle the success of the system.

Happens with pretty much every high-selling console since these stupid console wars began; haters can't handle the pride shock that comes with seeing a system they hate outselling a system they like, so they'll try to make excuses to make the successes seem like a tiny deal.

Me, I don't give a shit anymore, really.
I went multiplatform a long time ago, so I win no matter what.

The only thing that annoys me at this point is people calling one system or another dead or "losing" or whatever else.

SG1_dapunisherX1592d ago

If there one console who can make a great comeback is nintendo

Beastforlifenoob1591d ago

Nitendo fankids have always made excuses they blamed the fact that people wanted to see xb1/ps4 first then buy a wii u sales didnt increase, then they said pikmin 3 will make the sales increase it didnt, then they said NO NO NO wonderful 101 will make the wii u sell like hotcakes and how did that turn out next they say super mario 3d world would make it sell a billion copies how did that work out, then they said the WII U needs to advertise more and even though they have sales havent inreased...

Can't we just blame the fact that the WII U's hardware is severly outdated most of their first party titles are child oriented and milked(i highlight the word most, i higlight the word most) and also their third party support sucks on a big black rihno D

MegaRay1592d ago

I think waiting 5 months and 3 weeks make more sense

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